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  1. Listen to the last 6 mins, he says something...relevant.
  2. Debating trying to make it to this, anyone know much about the new venue?
  3. That guy needs to put out more music.
  4. Sorry, I don't think they or the label would be happy with it being leaked, but I thought it was worth a share either way. Any news of new Aphex is good news to me - not to mention a rare collaboration.
  5. Hopefully out this year, can't say who the other artist is for privacy reasons, but have verified it with @Joyrex.
  6. Anyone have a tracklist? That twoism link looks dead to me.
  7. There was 6,000 - 8,000 people there, from what I was told.
  8. Heard that Richard got somewhere around $300k for this gig. Probably gets $500k-$1mm for the big festivals.
  9. No it's not Jlin. I've already said enough to narrow it down to like 4 people.
  10. That was an honest mistake my friend made by not realizing her room mate threw one of her records inside of the Syro one when she moved apartments..
  11. It's his girlfriend.
  12. I know for a fact that he has a collaboration coming out in Fall (probably Octoberish) on Warp. Believe it's an EP, or a 2 track single. I'm very excited for it, and it's something that's been speculated on especially as of recent. Had it confirmed to me by the other producer, in person a couple of weeks ago. He (Richard) also has an abundance of new work of his own...that I'm told is very similar to his early SAW work. We're probably hearing a chunk of it in his recent live sets.
  13. Anyone been to this festival before?
  14. Did a decent recording of this set ever surface? Would love to relive it.
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