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  1. You're right actually, I didn't realize it but the YouTube description says "Squarepusher’s own 'Fracture' remix".
  2. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I really liked his last LP. I just gave it another listen and enjoyed it thoroughly,.
  3. New single and Fracture remix are both great. Can't wait for this! Looking forward to seeing him live again too.
  4. I'm guessing Q1 of next year but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. Aphex closed with Steinvord - Backyard at WHP...is that the first time he's played Steinvord live?
  6. Can't believe he put the tracklist up himself, what a guy.
  7. I have a pair of tickets for sale, face value if anyone needs them. PM me.
  8. Listen to the last 6 mins, he says something...relevant.
  9. Debating trying to make it to this, anyone know much about the new venue?
  10. That guy needs to put out more music.
  11. Sorry, I don't think they or the label would be happy with it being leaked, but I thought it was worth a share either way. Any news of new Aphex is good news to me - not to mention a rare collaboration.
  12. Hopefully out this year, can't say who the other artist is for privacy reasons, but have verified it with @Joyrex.
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