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  1. Got the double-CD album from Jynxs and it's amazing! I highly recommend it, and if you want the discs, there's only 2 copies left. Get them before it's too late! The artwork is beautiful and it's a great release overall.
  2. This album is incredible, it's like a mix of Milieu synth work with vaporwave, and it sounds really good! I'm surprised I missed it on release, since I like both Milieu and vaporwave!
  3. Well, in fact, I went further than that! Some of the kits are sampled from public domain documentaries from the 50s and 60s. The sampled drums were chopped and highly effected (and mastered) and the result is rather good, but of course I'm biased. ? I'm surprised by the reactions here, Pine Forest Drums has been a success and I thought it was a good idea to talk about it here, but it seems people here got butt-hurted by it for some unknown reasons.
  4. SampleScience announces the release of Room Piano v2, the followup to Room Piano, a lo-fidelity lightweight piano rompler. The plugin features a series of on-board lo-fi and modulation effects to enhanced the sound of the multi-sampled Kawai upright piano recorded for this instrument. Features: 1 lightweight piano sound (less than 20 MB) Amplitude ADSR Vinyl and tape effects Multi-LFO Highpass/Lowpass filter Room reverb Available as a VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument for both Windows and macOS (x64/x86). Room Piano v2 is free for 1 month and will be donationware (1
  5. Seriously, the vibe here suck. It feels like a kid's schoolyard.
  6. That's pretty much it. I've come back because I remember that the place was decent, but it doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Most of what I see is either trolling, immature jokes (or very bad ones...), shitposting, memes, and very little knowledge on the topic the forum is supposed to be about. The place seems filled with toxic behavior. What I like about forums is learning new things and share interesting information about a common interest. As it is now, I feel I've wasted my time coming here tonight. Meanwhile, IDM Forum and Twoism are decent places on which I think I'll spend
  7. I uploaded a couple of tunes on Choon, a cryptocurrency-based music streaming website. All the tracks are in the vein of Boards of Canada, Bibio, Coppice Halifax, and Tycho. https://www.choon.co/artists/samplescience/ If you do a similar style of music, I want to create playlists in the genre. So don't hesitate to share your Choon account here if you fit and you'll probably be featured in one of my upcoming playlists.
  8. Why would customers of Pine Forest Drums would be morons in your opinion? Is it because of the use of pre-made drum samples? If that's the case then anyone using a drum machine with PCM samples in it would be a moron, like Aphex Twin, BOC themselves, Mike Paradinas, Autechre, etc. Now, if you look at any of the old drum machines, you'll see that they're produced to sound like the popular music of the time.
  9. Pine Forest Drums is a percussion and sound fx sound module inspired by the sonic universe of Boards of Canada. From vintage drum kits to found sounds, tabla to voice cuts, the variety of sounds found in Pine Forest Drums is big compared to the usual drum module. Available as a VST/VST3 plugin instrument for Windows and VST/VST3/AU plugin instrument for macOS, Pine Forest Drums contains 38 "drum kits". Each kit has been tailored with 70s education documentaries, the esoteric culture of the 60s and the National Film Board of Canada in mind. Audio demo: https://soundcloud.com/samplescien
  10. For me: Lorn - Remnant Milieu - The Cartridge Reader's Travelogue Coppice Halifax - Tone Canal & Continent Wojciech Golczewski - End Of Transmission 2 Mrs Jynx - Jynx's Garden Ogre - Ballard
  11. I buy and listen mostly cassettes and CDs. I have a few hundred vinyls but I don't tend to listen to them much, I don't find my turntable fun to use, the arm always go back to its original place when I try to play an LP. Otherwise, mp3s when I'm on the go.
  12. I have the Volca Bass, Keys, and Kick. The Keys is great to program melodies and analogish riffs. I really like its sound, even though it's quite limited. But for the price, I think it's really good. You can always use it to create loops during the commute and record them in your DAW once you're home.
  13. Good news! I'm a big fan of Lorn, I dig Lone too even though is not nearly as good as Lorn.
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