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  1. Manipulated photo. The earth is obviously flat, so I dunno why you added a curvature unless you're part of the lie machine
  2. Yeah, the jump from mobile phone photography to proper camera photography is real and deep! Have fun with it man 👍
  3. If they're "standard" Kailh switches, the stems are definitely suscepitble to being snapped off if enough force is applied at the wrong angle. It's very easily done by people who try to remove keycaps from their keyboads with something like a screwdriver (basically unless you're applying even upward force distributed equally around the keycap). The reason why I mention it is because with standard Kailh switches the stems aren't on the keycaps, they're on the switches themselves, and if you snap one you pretty much have to replace the entire switch.
  4. Unless it comes with a case that has been custom made for it, good luck putting this thing in your pocket and not having the keyswitch stems snapped off.
  5. Last I heard from Ade was that he was hoping it'd be out by November. All I can say is that as far as I know, the album is done.
  6. I'm hoping we don't have to wait too much longer for the next installment.
  7. I reckon you should make an ultimatum thread. Probably best to make it on twosim though, not here.
  8. That's a Micro Four Thirds camera, so you've actually got a fuck ton of options for lenses at very reasonable prices, even brand new. Have a look around for what Micro Four Thirds lenses are compatible with the GH5 (it may well be all of them — I'm not too familiar with that system, but I'm fairly certain one of the big selling points is that you can use lenses by pretty much any manufacturer for that system). If you wanna go even cheaper, jump pon the bay. Other than that, you could get an old Helios M42 mount lens and then get an M42 to Micro Four Thirds adapter. This can be risky thoug
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