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  1. Label Description: Recorded with a Roland VS-880 in 1996. Released June 5th. https://surviveltd.bandcamp.com/album/ufotrackx-ii Clone picks these up too eventually. Not a whole lot of info on this one. Vol 1 was pretty sick squelchy acid. Discogs info on artist is not linked to much info. Vol II is a VERY nice package all around. A wall of sound acid onslaught dancefloor raver on the A1. B1 is that sweet noise acid k-hole sound that Aphex will drop at a peak moment. B2 is some melodic overdriven breaky braindance. Insta-ordered on my end.
  2. I recently went through my archive of old mixes from the early 2000s and uploaded to Mixcloud. Hope some may find enjoyment and/or nostalgia. djscreendoor_moonsplinter_recordedsometime2002 1 Si Begg - Sting 1 (Turn On) [Noodles Discotheque] (2000) 2 Boards of Canada - Music is Math [Warp] (2002) 3 Global Goon - I'm on the 73 [Rephlex] (2002) 4 Mu-ziq - Hasty Boom Alert [Astralwerks] (1997) 5 Squarepusher - I Wish You Could Talk [Warp] (2001) 6 M.Miyagi - Kappore [Capitol] 7 Autechre - Eutow [Warp] (1995) 8 Clint Mansell - Coney Island Low [Nonesuch] (
  3. It hasn't been mentioned, and somewhat of a new poster on these forums so not sure how political this answer is (political on discogs lol). Furthur Electronix and the sub-labels have been filling the gap for me lately. Limited release and exclusivity sucks, but the music is quality and matches the Rephlex aesthetic of a braindance number, a ravey bit, some downtempo detroit-ish electronic and acid techno bits. Lapsus records has also been doing a few good bits Also a fan of the mentioned WeMe, CPU, Analogical Force
  4. This is a solid Braindance release on sale now at Clone. https://clone.nl/item60331.html Undiagnosed - We Are - WEME 060 Undiscouraged...Undialectical...Undisciplined. A bit like Charles II and the woodman or the Raising Hand Appreciation Society... All for one and every man for himself... A sunflower in a sunflowers field... Abstraction is often one floor above you. Sometimes, all you need to do is completely make an ass of yourself and laugh it off to realise that life isn't so bad after all. But memories WE used to share is no longer coherent to what we've done.. Chapters ass
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