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  1. All comments and interesting feedback welcome.. https://somia.bandcamp.com/album/cliquetpar-colashaker
  2. Take and listen and let us know what you think.. https://somia.bandcamp.com/album/dell-mibbler-cowt
  3. https://somia.bandcamp.com/album/dell-mibbler-fone www.somia.org
  4. https://somia.bandcamp.com/album/beatwife 4_Bosh_Mod.mp3
  5. Thanks for the early feedback. Happy that at least some of you all are taking the time to listen and comment. This is just the beginning. We're finally getting off of our arses down here in the MIA and are going to be dropping our releases more regularly now. This particular release is a bit "rough".. take a listen to our other releases on BandCamp if you would like to hear some more "user-friendly" things..
  6. All comments welcome, kind or otherwise. Listen at your own risk. Not recommended for children. https://somia.bandcamp.com/album/undacova-retrospect
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