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  1. Yes, it's difficult to predict with Australia Post sometimes, and a Friday afternoon parcel delivery would've capped the week nicely. Might wait another week and then just order another copy if the first one fails to show. Thanks for your response!
  2. As far as I know, CD boxes were sent by Royal Mail, so May take a while. Last time I ordered something from Australia it took 3 weeks to get to me. This was 10 years ago though, but I doubt our respective postal services will have improved since then. Thank you, and yes you're right of course. My experience with UK package deliveries ranges between 7 days and 1 month, give or take. I should've plumped for tracking. Being a 'limited one-time press' I'm just concerned that if my copy is somehow lost or stolen en route then I won't have the opportunity to get another. Small problem really, but those're my favourite type.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else is still waiting on their CD box? Received dispatch notification on August 14 and is yet to arrive (am in Australia, though, and it often takes a while). Pfft.
  4. Funny how nts sessions has literally gotten unanimous acclaim from the major music publications that have reviewed it, even though the same criticisms they threw at the last few albums (lack of editing/pacing, aimlessness) would--you'd think--appear to be exacerbated. I wonder if it's because a) the critics finally GET IT or b) only ae cult members like us are interested enough to actually write about this shit. I'm thinking it's probably more b... I imagine it comes down to a few possible factors: some do actually enjoy it, some wish to appear to 'get' it, some are probably afraid to write negative reviews (or not permitted to write by editors, possibly) - particularly in regard to an 8 hour 'opus' by a long-running and adored duo that has generally received positive fan response. There's also a lot of diversity in NTS, so perhaps there's just enough for everyone to enjoy most of it. I love the whole lot, me. In any case, I always find it interesting to know how others view this music, regardless of whether I agree with them or not
  5. Apologies if this has already been posted: https://www.allmusic.com/album/nts-sessions-mw0003187746 Also broken down into session-by-session reviews. Lovely.
  6. I'm curious as to the design of the CD box versus LP box. The wee black rectangle on the spine next to the '1', which appears to represent the 'mirror' of the left edge of the '4', on the front of the CD box appears out of alignment in many images I've seen, kind of squashed in there as opposed to LP box where all is nicely spaced and even. Seems an odd blip to me, would've been so easy to scale the LP design down to make it the same. Oh well. Certainly doesn't dampen the incredible music inside.
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