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  1. I’m not surprised. I canceled Netflix after 10+ years, when they raised their monthly rate, in favor of HBO Max. I paid for a year upfront and got what I think is better programming for less.
  2. If anyone is sitting on a fence about the Sound Toys collection, I would simply recommend that they buy one plugin for now, and get a significant discount on the bundle during the next sales campaign. I think I got SieQ and Little Plate for free a couple of years ago, and picked up the collection 3 months later for $169. It was money well spent.
  3. I’m convinced that the DNC is ok with four more years of Trump.
  4. I binged The Boys over the weekend. I hope they hurry up with Season 2. Season 1’s ending is a real motherfucker
  5. It actually reminds me a bit like Druqks where I listened to it a bunch when I first got it, put away, stumbled across it again, listened to it a bunch again, put it away.....you get the idea. It’s funny because I have like, a 5000 song Spotify playlist running constantly in the background at work, and it’s great when stuff from Syro and Druqks come on. It’s like, “ I forgot how good that song was!”
  6. W23

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    I think the same thing that happened to Arovane
  7. If you haven’t been to KVRaudio, go check it out. There is plenty of love for ANA2. Mind you, most of those guys upgraded from ANA. I’m sure it’s a fine synth, going by the demos I’ve heard, but I don’t see a point in listing all the VA/Wavetable synths I already own. I just don’t see where owning it would add anything. If you are looking for something good in the way of a plugin synth, there’s always the Splice Rent to Own thing. What they have up there is as good as anything else for $8-10 a month
  8. The latest Richard Devine is also quite nice
  9. Spotify seems to do a great job of other suggested artists when I go to a particular artist’s profile. Their algo-driven suggested playlists aren’t all that great but, playlists put together by the artists themselves (Richard Devine and Proem for example) are often top notch
  10. All my Aphex Twin stuff is on Spotify. I sold all my vinyl/CDs ages ago in a material purge before I moved across the country (2800 miles)
  11. I knew Analogue Bubblebath was in high demand but, was surprised because early vinyl editions of all the RD James catalog demands a hefty price tag as well. https://blog.discogs.com/en/aphex-twin-ranked/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=Artist_2018_11_30
  12. There’s a free online patch editor/librarian for the D05 and a couple of other Roland Boutiques. I’m really grateful for them because the super tiny sliders make my JU-06, and JP-08 unusable. Now they’re kind of fun. I don’t know if the DO5 is like the other Boutiques. I had to buy an iConnect Mini to access the parameters via SySex thru the Midi DIN connections. Roland really went a bit too far with that idea, I think. It works really well, though! I’ll probably pick up a D05 if I find one cheap but, the Roland Cloud is always there too. Here’s the link to the free editors: http://breadandbuttersounds.com/
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