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  1. klek


    Only 7 sets? Why then did tDR post 27/28 artworks?
  2. klek


    Same here. I also would like to split the recordings, where can i find the provided track indexing?
  3. klek

    Lost password

    Partially kinda strange community. Asking for help leads mostly to reluctant comments. Thanks @Joyrex! Password worked and i could change my mail adress which is working too. Got a reactivation mail a few minutes ago.
  4. klek

    Lost password

    Yes, i checked the spam folder a few times, nothing. Btw, I thought i would get a validation mail after registering but no mail which doesn't bother me because i could log in without it. I will wait until tomorrow. If you couldn't point out what's going wrong i will send you a mail. Thanks!
  5. klek

    Lost password

    I guess i don't understand. Is there really no way to reset the password? Hm.
  6. Searching the station on the radio and finally finding it playing Autechre for me is the first twin peaksy moment in there, time and space and dimensions switching so to say.
  7. I forgot my password and i get no email for resetting it. Tried it a few times now. Nothing. Naturally i checked the spam folder too. I am logged in on my smartphone but i can't log in on my computer. What can i do? Can't change my mail adress because ... i need my pass for it. It's a gmx adress. Sorry if this is the wrong place but i couldn't find any other way asking. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey, do you realize that the very beginning of the whole beast, the first minute of t1a1, sounds like someone turning the knob on his radio for finding a radio station? It's slowed down though. After a minute he finds the station and listens to Autechre at NTS. If you speed this minute up to about 10 seconds it sounds even more like this;) A perfect intro.
  9. Working on my NTS (versions).ep.ae right now. Only joking. First time i played around with two ae samples on my po33. This little thing is so much fun. Wonder if there are ae remixes out there which are done by only using the po33. I mean real remixes or variations which are listenable. I wouldn't call my session done in 5 minutes listenable seriously.
  10. I guess i will go on with my loose sessions 1-3 without replacing session 4. What year is this?
  11. Session 1, 2 and 3 are fine pressings, session 4 is the only one which has pressing failures. And don't tell me why you think that i do prefer and buy vinyl. Du bist ne Form, die ich niemals darreichen würde, du Schnösel.
  12. I decided to get all of the four loose vinyl sessions but returned session 4 because of the crackling festival which was going on there. Will order a second copy.
  13. Am i the only one who decided for the loose sessions on vinyl instead of the boxset? Nevermind, after first listen of the whole beast following question came up my mind:"What year is this-?" Second thought:"I have to return that crackling festival session number 4 and try to replace it for a better copy."
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