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  1. when i listen to melodies from mars i am transported from my miserable urban life to a kind of pillowed cushioned pastel softfocus realm where i am carried by beings to a clearing in a forest and lain on a cloud, where i am then cleaned, powdered and freshly diapered and tickled with feathers. aphex twin is there too in the feathery pastel diaper land. he wears an electronic diaper that emits ultrasonic hypnotizing pulses (eg ventolin ep) at all times in order to pacify the enraged, confused rebels who refuse to be embraced, tickled powdered and diaped by the Master himself. thanks for posting this important thread. looking forward to all responses.
  2. good stuff! thanks for sharing! i find this to be quite wholesome and think they're trying to find a little humour in their relation. drome perhaps are you jealous?
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