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  1. look mixlr, you seem like a sweet guy, with a good heart, but sadly you are [REDACTED] and need to log off. maybe forever, who knows. best of luck guy. if this comment is against the rules feel free to delete it moderators.
  2. joyrex literally just called yek a retard
  3. quick question, not sure where to post this but i figure this would be the best place (becuz traction): i've been offered to do a short tour of Europe for my music project... i'm really excited, but i'm not sure exactly what I should pack. do i need to bring my own soap for showering? how about pillows? lol do they even use pillows in europe? will i even be allowed to bring pillows to europe? like, will customs consider them contraband? edit: ok so if i bring my own pillows... will i be allowed to return to uk with them?
  4. @Braintree suck my dick edit: sorry I shouldnt have posted that. I was angry that you assumed my intellectual capabilties; i felt initially that it was ableist and i reacted. again i apologize.
  5. let's stop with the dehumanizing language okay. insinuating that "white boys" (ok racist) are up to no good only when "people" aren't watching. so i guess whites aren't people anymore? for this equality and diversity thing to work correctly, sadly it has to go both ways and yes I know that is painful and shitty to hear for some folks.
  6. okay so it is clear you don't understand hyperbole (sorry i got your hopes up about murdering someone for misgendering me) but the true message is in there. misgendering is a massive problem (to me) and it needs to be in check and there is no place for it here or anywhere else. your attitude about it sort of says to me like you're against the idea that people are able to choose and expect to be called by their pronoun(s) of choice. i think you need to pick up a book or two about non-conforming gender theory and come back when you've smartened up a bit. namaste.
  7. weirdly I am not the least surprised about the presence of victim-shaming and victim-blaming creeps here. carry on, i guess.
  8. no you fuck off, @Joyrex handle this abuser please.
  9. a major issue is the fact that the new chat feature is only truly functional (marginally) all-in on browser and not functional or below-functional on mobile. Discord has a dedicated app on mobile that is well beyond the functionality of the very bad and annoying chatbox on mobile, which has no history viewing, bad scrolling, clunky and bluky usage of font/size/color/link inclusion, posting images, etc. I'm certain you've seen and/or used discord on mobile, on desktop app and also through a browser before you chose to nix it as a viable chat option. I feel like rather than celebrate discord for its strengths, you knock it for the learning curve it requires to fully integrate with the site, and of course, the challenges it poses for you to fully control, moderate and ultimately censor it if something you don't like is posted. It feels to me like you only are concerned with your ability to control the discussion rather than include a truly functional and enjoyable chat experience. at the end of the day of course its your site and you make the big decisions, so if you're truly happy with the chat feature, then the users here have to accept that. on the other hand, you will also have to accept the fact that the users here will choose to use other platforms if this one does not suit their needs.
  10. Wow gooooood for you, sounds like such a hard struggle, shitbird! People are fucking dying out there over this shit and you wanna make little racist/sexist/transphobic jokes. Get a grip and gtfo!!!!
  11. I was misgendered again in PM by cwmbrancity. I want to make sure this stops happening here and elsewhere online. The first, and last, time that someone misgendered me, I assumed a wide crouching stance and began grimacing. I shot at them as if I was a rocket launching into space and began a three pronged attack - one hand tearing at his throat with a tiger claw strike, the other hand's fingers penetrating his eye sockets with extreme precision, and a strong "Muay Boran" style leaping knee to collapse their sternum. As they crumpled to the ground, blind and gurgling, spraying blood from their savaged neck into my open mouth, I was satisfied that my training eventually paid off. That was at first the worst day off my life, but then quickly became the best. Cwmbrancity, the next time you attempt to misgender myself or any other person with non-cis non-binary configurations, I promise you will die from what happens to you. Not even your wife can protect you now.
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