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  1. Friend just found out that Aphex played one of his songs during his set in Mexico. He couldn't be happier. That RA article is definitely ridiculous.
  2. It will always be a thing for me.
  3. Holy shit, this is amazing. I'm also in the Renoise/Numerology camp. This is fucking incredible.
  4. I'm pretty sure almost every parameter can be keytracked in Renoise, just use the Keytracker plugin in the Meta section. Same with any other kind of modulation. And then if it doesn't exist, someone's probably built it in Lua.. How do I key track an AHDSR envelope I have setup in my instruments modulation page so that the envelope speeds up/down relative to whatever key I've pressed? Unless I'm missing something (I probably am), I can't really do that sort of thing in Renoise's instrument modulation. I should have clarified that I was just talking about the instrument modulation. I know you can key track anything in the track's effects section.
  5. I've used both. If you need some really ridiculous modulation on some sample for some reason then Kontakt can be useful. Renoise covers the basics but it lacks some simple modulation options, at least as far as I can figure out, like key tracking an envelope. You can do some interesting stuff with Kontakt's modulation options, but 98% of the time you probably won't bother. The obvious main use for Kontakt is gonna be the instruments library. Kontakt also has a couple of nice interpolation options like the Akai and SP1200 emulations, but I usually prefer Cyclone and TAL Sampler for that sort of stuff. So it could be overkill, just really depends on your needs.
  6. I have one. Makes some dirty fucking basslines.
  7. That Roland doesn't have analog filters, though they are known for having really nice sound filters. The E-mu Emulator 1-3 have analog filters. The S-950 has an analog filter too, but it isn't resonant. You can connect an Akai VX90 to the 900/950 and use its filters and envelopes with it, but I don't really know if that's any easier than just running an output channel to any external filter you have. If you're looking at one of those Roland samplers, make sure you find a mouse for it and have an old monitor or tv that you can connect to. They look like an absolute headache to use without the peripherals. Roland MV-8000/8800 has the S-760 sampler built into it, btw. I've never heard of these Casio FZ samplers until that Aphex tune, so I can't really comment on them.
  8. Crazy request here that I doubt anyone will have, but I may as well ask. Anyone have the CDP for dos?
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