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  1. That shouldn't really be a problem with jungle tunes, being a bit pedantic here making a distinction between jungle and drum 'n' bass. If you're doing dnb with the kick drums and bass then you'd worry about phasing issues so they don't cancel out. The main thing with breaks is that you'll want some saturation on your sub, not a pure sine. Adding some harmonics to the sub will go a long way.
  2. Btw, when I used Windows I always like using this. http://www.rs-met.com/freebies.html The Pitch Shifter plugin. Sounds very similar to the cyclical stretch in the akai's. Worth a try. Just turn off the grain adapt.
  3. I'm not using windows, but could the problem be with them killing off support for 32 bit? Apple has done the same thing and it won't run on the newest OS. Linux is your best bet if you really need to run it.
  4. The u-he one is fun, but I stick to convolution for spring. Been using ConvologyXT since it's a free plugin. One spring reverb that has really interested me is the UAD AKG BX 20 plugin, demo I heard sounded really nice, don't own a Universl Audio thingy so it's out of the question, no idea of it's using convolution or not.
  5. Wasn't aware of the ircam stuff being in it, that's awesome.
  6. Wanted to give Falcon a try since it seemed like it would be good for creating drum kits and lots of other things with all the mixing of sampling and different synthesis stuff, but they don't offer a demo.
  7. Yamaha TX16w with Typhoon OS. It's a very well thought out system and you can't beat that old 12 bit sound. Biggest con is the sampling time and it's a big con, especially when you want to time stretch a break or something. I've only used the plugin version, but it's pretty damn neat. Passed on an opportunity to buy a mint one fairly cheap with max ram and shit ton of disks, including the Typhoon OS. Still get bummed thinking about that. E-MU E-6400 Ultra. Lots of filter options and the deepest modulation matrix of any sampler that I'm aware of, like a modular synth. Classic machine for l
  8. Some new jungle from Tim Reaper and friends. I know there's some jungle heads on here, so I figured I'd give a heads up on the pre-order. https://futureretrolondon.bandcamp.com/album/meeting-of-the-minds-vol-1 https://futureretrolondon.bandcamp.com/album/meeting-of-the-minds-vol-2
  9. https://greenbaywax.bandcamp.com/album/drome-01-300-degrees-12-vinyl-limited-pre-order Yes yes! This one coming in a bit different! Biodrome is a new GBW sublabel and the ethos is basically expect the unexpected. With this first release, we present 4 beautiful, melodic acid tunes from 300 Degrees. You may have heard of 300 Degrees by his IJO alias under which he writes Drum & Bass and Jungle. This release is is a bit more limited than our usual ones, as we are hyper-aware that we have a pretty thoroughly Jungle/ Oldskool D&B & Hardcore following. However, we hope you guys w
  10. Globex Corp returns once again with a very special 10th release on 7th Storey Projects - featuring four remixes of tracks from previous volumes by four exceptionally cromulent guest remixers; Equinox Dev/Null DJ Mindhunter Phineus II Presented on turquoise 12" vinyl with stickered sleeve. https://seventhstoreyprojects.com/tim-reaper-dwarde-present-globex-corp-volume-10-the-remixes-12-turquoise-vinyl/
  11. Friend just found out that Aphex played one of his songs during his set in Mexico. He couldn't be happier. That RA article is definitely ridiculous.
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