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  1. I'm dressing up as Donalt Trump since it's Halloween tonight
  2. Hey girls and boys ... just released an album with my mate Eric Taylor. If you're interested in ambient and like stuff like Biosphere, Tetsu Inoue... you might dig this https://futuregrapher.bandcamp.com/album/effects-of-clouds
  3. hmm... so many... but I thought first of VLetrmx21 from Garbage
  4. 505 is great... has it`s charecter. Doesn`t sound as sweet as 707 - but it has a sweet soul to it
  5. Ae are in the front seat when it comes to creativity and sound - and as a fan, I'm thankful they are still sounding fresh and releasing music and touring. That's so much more than most of these early 90's Warp heroes - which many have gone dull and/or not frequently releasing quality stuff. NTS being pointed out being "this and that" by fans - and "lacking quality" - are at least not hearing what I'm hearing. So I'm good...
  6. Being an Arsenal fan is like being a Dj Shadow fan -- always waiting for the next great record post-Endtroducing.....
  7. i collect all formats... cassettes, cd's and vinyls. listen mostly to music on my stereo via my computer - but my records get played a lot also (also when i dj). not so much my cassettes. they are mostly for collecting obsession. i sometimes listen to them on my cassette deck... but mostly it's obsession collecting. yeah and i play my cd's in the car...
  8. uh nice. Lone is quality. Sometimes forget him
  9. My office 2nite looks nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. it's so good, I've only caught a few seasons but need to watch it front to back one day watched heavily then trailed off when I dropped cable - was a huge fan early on, even have a shirt with Mordecai and Rigby saying OHHHHHHHHHHH I remember it being a bit hit or miss compared to Adventure Time but the good episodes were really good it was a like a 90s slacker show/film à la Clerks, Spaced, Beavis & Butthead, even Futurama but with more absurdity and tailored for younger audiences - i.e. Adult Swim lite. adult swim lite... haha, that's good :-) especially since i watch the show with my kids
  11. Yeah the s3000xl is nice as well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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