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  1. yeah recipe websites are almost universally awful here’s what I want 1)Ingredients 2)method
  2. I switched to bitwig i much prefer the modulation interface in bitwig which is why I switched - super easy to modulate whatever you want however much you want in all sorts of different ways
  3. The best possible outcome would be trump forming his own party. Someone needs to convince him the Republican Party was a hindrance to his re-election chances
  4. Lindsay fucking graham got re-elected. South Carolina is obviously densely thicketed with fuckheads
  5. My encoders popped out and the battery no longer charges and it’s out of warranty so The build quality on the OP-Z kind of sucks
  6. I was trying to kid myself that I didn’t want him to die from it but after his latest bullshit I feel him dying from Covid is the only correct resolution to this whole shitshow
  7. One of the turds will leave if they are voted out next election, the other will cling to the bowl as long as he can politicians are all turds but up until now they’ve all accepted the collective decision of the flush button vote for the flushable turd America
  8. I don’t think any of trumps supporters will give a shit about the tax thing
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