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  1. Is that a moog dfam with bigger nobs ? i love everything about mine except those tiny pitch and velocity nobs maybe I should live up to my dumb username and do the same
  2. All of those releases are lush walk on strawberries has this one: but Bridgeland 303 has this hope there’s more Rolando/ trackermatte soon
  3. They’ll just keep accusing him of being a communist, and it’ll probably work
  4. I think playing "separate the policies from the person" is unworkable in this case the person in question is an authoritarian who wants no checks at all on his power, and has stated clearly, several times, that he is above the law he is also a firehose of noise and disinformation, and is normalizing (for some folks) the idea that the truth is whatever he says it is
  5. yes flac is better but you need to make sure you use the right cables so the extra electrons in the flac file are transferred properly https://shunyata.com/products/digital-cables/usb-digital-cables/alpha-usb/
  6. midnight vultures is the only beck i really like, apart from that broken drum remix maybe because it's beck at his silliest
  7. lol cockatoos are mental
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