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  1. Crushing people seems to be a necessary part of it
  2. How direct is the democracy in our technocommunist paradise going to be. Will we be voting on the blockchain about every aspect of the means of production of everything a society needs to function? Or will we be allocating resources to people with expertise in the production of xyz. (Skirting close to representative democracy) And who is framing the questions on which we’re going to vote?
  3. Don’t talk about systemic issues if you move to China else you’ll get a subdural like ai Wei Wei
  4. is the argument that if they haven't detained all of the uyghurs in china then they can't have detained any of the uyghurs?
  5. Gangs of New York is ok if you fast forward to the bits with Dd Lewis and skip the rest
  6. I remember goldeneye being one of the first FPS where enemies reacted differently depending on where you shot them I.e the balls
  7. hypotheticals are annoying but: if this virus were ebola or similar level of lethality? what is it reasonable for a government to ask its people to do in order to save lives? and how many lives/inconvenience? for what its worth, i don't think anyone should be forced to take a vaccine, but restricting unvaccinated people from certain jobs is absolutely fine in my book if you don't have a pertussis jab for instance - you shouldn't be allowed to work in a neonatal intensive care unit
  8. I would also like to purchase some digitals of the forced hypnosis ep
  9. Maybe they’ll need three attempts to really nail it. Just like with the Witcher games. I’m going in with lowered expectations
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