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  1. custom knob


    maybe the bits without the main character might be alright
  2. I don’t know if Apple have improved the MacBook but the one I had from ~2015 was an unreliable piece of shit. Windows has caught up to OS X in terms of reliability I reckon - the only advantage OS X still has in my mind is aggregate audio devices and numerology.
  3. theres a personality cult currently laying the groundwork for a civil war and they're quite devoid of certain colours
  4. Turns out it’s this guy I read the description of his previous law suits and wondered if it was this weirdo
  5. I agree with you about the awfulness of the chinese regime, and I think I even agree that trump is right that america should be pushing back against them much more firmly than before - I just think trump + open war with china is a disaster. admittedly I don't know very much about geopolitics or whatever, but it seems unlikely to me that russia would stay out of it, or north korea, or australia, or japan, or indonesia or on and on. ?ww3 with trump in charge of the biggest arsenal - or is china's the biggest arsenal now?
  6. if you work on the assumption that trump is the kind of guy who would do anything if it is in his own self-interest, all this anti-china rhetoric of late and american warships moving to the south china sea worries me a bit
  7. A lot of trumps base have automatic weapons and have been primed to see the upcoming election as invalid and engineered by the deep state if he loses. I think there’ll be violence either way
  8. I’ve used an rme fireface for a while now. I bought it after getting pissed off with the unreliability of a few other ones I tried first. There’s probably cheaper and just as good options now. Mine has 8 inputs and outputs and Adat in and out so I have enough Channels for my crappy efforts the rme just works with whatever you plug it in to and never has dropouts so I’m glad I got it
  9. hes like a psychic grenade the russians lobbed into america's centre of attention to scramble the minds of fox-viewers
  10. Take a look at some of the new amd based laptops too - apparently they have much better dpc latency than intel equivalents - and cheaper too
  11. Surely If it was a deliberate move on the part of the Chinese government it would have emerged on Hong Kong first. Or Taiwan All we know for sure is that it’s Obama’s fault
  12. They’re great live. I think yanqui uxo and allelujah! Don’t bend etc are the highlights. The two most recent albums sound like shit to me. cant stand Efrims singing on his side projects either
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