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  1. thats pretty underwhelming, the actually possibly useful addon module is always out of stock
  2. all the bandcamp stuff is pretty great imo
  3. lately tysk raider rolando autechre exm afx
  4. the whole album is pretty fantax
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    ted chiang - stories of your life and others mostly pretty interesting scifi short stories with interesting ideas and writing good enough that it doesn't get in the way (except for the victorian era steampunk golem one which is too mannered and stuffed with cliched victoriangentlemanspeak) clearly inspired by borges, which is a good thing scifi/fantasy writing is generally pretty terrible imo so its nice to find an exception Henry Green - living bleak modernist novel that felt like a slog at times but has some genuinely beautiful melancholic moments in it, interested to try his later stuff
  6. i recommend putting on some rolando and browsing the dank memes thread from a random page this place is best when it's not taking itself too seriously, says the newguy
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