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  1. An album of mcr quarter-like bangers but obviously the saecret to their success is that they just make what they feel like making so more of that
  2. Are there any studies that look at how much covid itself elevates your PULS score ?
  3. I recently read the first foundation book - I haven’t watched the new series but frankly I don’t think it would be hard to improve on the dialogue at the very least (the chapter with lord dorwin is almost unreadable) maybe some of the concepts are fleshed out better in the subsequent books but “psychohistory” also feels like a very handwavey plot device
  4. how are we going to destroy our natural immune systems? which part of our natural immune systems?
  5. Yeah that’s such a bad idea to promote that I’m sure the macedonian troll farms will jump on it soon
  6. signing an informed consent for a medical treatment is standard practice, its an aknowledgement that you understand what the treatment is, what it is for, and what the risks of undertaking it are, and that knowing all those things you are happy to proceed - there's a reasonable argument to be had about the "informed" part, but this is not unusual at all and which research is being suppressed? I've found dozens of case reports of adverse outcomes from vaccines on pubmed, articles on allergic reaction rates for the different vaccines and multiple articles on alternative treatments, including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D there's even multiple research articles about that oleandrin extract that the my pillow guy is pushing so unless you're talking about intravenous bleach, I'm not sure what research you think is being suppressed
  7. The dangers of trying to understand complex topics via internet research
  8. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/06/donald-trump-august-reinstatement
  9. What are the ways this could go very wrong - and what do you propose should be done differently?
  10. Crushing people seems to be a necessary part of it
  11. How direct is the democracy in our technocommunist paradise going to be. Will we be voting on the blockchain about every aspect of the means of production of everything a society needs to function? Or will we be allocating resources to people with expertise in the production of xyz. (Skirting close to representative democracy) And who is framing the questions on which we’re going to vote?
  12. Don’t talk about systemic issues if you move to China else you’ll get a subdural like ai Wei Wei
  13. is the argument that if they haven't detained all of the uyghurs in china then they can't have detained any of the uyghurs?
  14. Gangs of New York is ok if you fast forward to the bits with Dd Lewis and skip the rest
  15. I remember goldeneye being one of the first FPS where enemies reacted differently depending on where you shot them I.e the balls
  16. hypotheticals are annoying but: if this virus were ebola or similar level of lethality? what is it reasonable for a government to ask its people to do in order to save lives? and how many lives/inconvenience? for what its worth, i don't think anyone should be forced to take a vaccine, but restricting unvaccinated people from certain jobs is absolutely fine in my book if you don't have a pertussis jab for instance - you shouldn't be allowed to work in a neonatal intensive care unit
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