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  1. Yes, I am thinking about making Onto shorter - or maybe make a whole new song out of the sections that I like and skip the sections that I don't like so much and maybe add something new to it! Thank you for your comment, it helps me very much since most of my friends and family and so on aren't that into electronic music.
  2. Thank you for the wonderful comments! I'm mostly using speakers when mixing, and I often find that my speakers have alot more bass in them (I currently don't have a good pair of headphones), so I often get dissapointed when I'm hearing the songs on headphone. And I'm also lazy with the eq. And yes, I often use some filters (working mostly with reason) that gives a tape:e feeling. I will look into the mega compressor. And yes the end on the second track is a bit weird. dont have any good answers there ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Three new tracks. Please help me move forward with the production. Be as harsh as you wish with your critique but please give me constructive things that I can work on! What song did you like the most and why? What song was the worst, and why? Thank you for your precious time ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. My Dogan is the best, but really anything Kettel produces is pure gold. Sometimes it feels like his melodies transcend beyond what this world even can comprehend.
  5. I think a big part of what makes the works of RDJ so great is this contrast between the pure melodies and the more experimental robotic sound. The duality binds them together. An analogue in the world of food can be sweet and sour. Without both parts it become bland and doesn't stand out as a whole. But i'm completely fine if you only want to pick the cherries from the cake as well.
  6. Look what I've found!!! That buildup towards the end is amazing!
  7. I loved this! Really thick atmosphere and so catchy at the same time What are you using for that tb303-acid-sound if I may ask?
  8. So I've done a couple of songs the recent year(s), I have a non existent fan base and therefore needs someone to tell me if this is total trash or not! My mix is on the sloppy side, I know this, but I am more into making melodies than tweekin the EQ levels. I thought I could share some of my recent songs, let me know what is working and what is not. Unconciliatory Dialogues Mysterious Creatures Lurking the City Park at Night Something Somewhere Somehow Doxe De Venexia Thank you for your time! Now I'll go back and listen to your tracks! :)
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