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  1. So far, it's pretty stellar. Good work.
  2. These are the results of me experimenting with poly-rythms. Listen to Fever Dream At The Retro Dance by williamsanford on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/williamsanford/fever-dream-at-the-retro-dance Listen to The Big Guy Likes Sci Fi by williamsanford on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/williamsanford/the-big-guy-likes-sci-fi
  3. Cult 45 rocked my balls off. You've got a New follower.
  4. Some of the sounds in this were pretty wild. I also enjoy how the slightest hints of harmony entered in towards the end.
  5. Hey man, these are pretty sweet. I preferred ultramafic. The delays were pretty killer.
  6. Listen to Gaiares Stage 1 Sega Genesis Cover by williamsanford #np on #SoundCloud Listen to Water Bottle Meets Face by williamsanford #np on #SoundCloud
  7. Thanks man. It's a just a microKorg XL multitracked in logic pro. Someone else mentioned the warning siren not fitting. They suggested to either allude to it earlier in the track with a bit of foreshadowing or remove it.
  8. It's a four minute ambient piece. It consists of a 17 chord progression in C mixlydian considering an f major scale (I, VI, IV, V, II, V, I, IV, V, VII, IV, V, II, III, VII, IIIdim, II). I'm not sure if it'll be your thing, but I'm happy with it. Listen to An Ode To Eleanor Rykener by williamsanford #np on #SoundCloud
  9. I don't know if you guys would consider this electronic, but it is an instrumental. Hopefully, you find it enjoyable.
  10. I tried updating the vocals.... hopefully they sound better.
  11. I've been doing music on and off for years. I did mostly ambient stiff on Soundforge in my early 20s. I've never really considered myself to be a great singer, and normally either shy away from it or smother it in processing so it's just another background sound. It's only recently that I'm really tying to develop my voice. Something like the track below should show im not entirely new to this, but I'm venturing into unknown territory for me. Listen to Aubade in F Major.mp3 by williamsanford #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/williamsanford/aubade-in-f-majormp3
  12. I guess I'm going for haunted. But hey, thanks for the listen. I'm kinda heavily influenced by vaporwave at the moment. I'm trying to capture that vibe through musicianship as opposed to sampling.
  13. Very retro. I don't mind three laser beam sample, but it does wear out it's welcome after a bit. Pretty cool though.
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