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  1. BRAND NEW MUSIC from MAS™ today! 😱 OUT TODAY // NEW FOR 2022: Anothr - '1' (EP) - musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/1-2 German producer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer & graduate in Music Science, Anothr has been the driving force behind several music projects across Germany for several years, including production & instrumental work for the critically acclaimed band, her tree, and contributions to fellow Rosenheim neighbours Funkstörung’s self-titled, 2015 album on Moderat‘s Monkeytown Records. Just as understated as his artist name, Anothr‘s debut EP is simply called '1' (with further sequentially titled releases to follow). While the soulful blend of intricate synths, thoughtful vocals and distinctive Electronics merge to form a unique palette that speaks for itself, the four tracks within '1' boast four unique personalities... The surprising twists and turns of 'Release It' processes Anothr’s vocals around a convoy of swells and falls to unique effect that is both epic but intimate. 'Run' dials the pace and scope down to a tender, quiet is a very introverted moment of reflection, which was recorded on an iPhone while Anothr‘s children were playing in the local playground background and provides a sensitive contrast to 'Release It'. Co-written & produced by good friend and MAS™ founder, Michael Fakesch, the distinctively more analogue and dirtier sound of 'It’s Easy' tweaks Funkstörung signature sound into something uniquely steady and positive. Bringing the EP to a close, the wobbly synth-arpeggio of 'Shoulder', calmly lulls you into a false sense of security before hitting the listener hard with some bombastic pop chords and vocodered vocals. '1' bring a distinctively refreshing fusion of new sounds and thinking to the Musik Aus Strom™ catalogue, and promises future excitement from Anothr soon. Enjoy. //MAS™
  2. Going suuuuuuuper old-school this week! 😉 OUT TODAY // This week we are going right back to 1995, and all the way back our roots. Before there was Funkstörung, Michael Fakesch & Chris De Luca spent a brief period in their early analogue days under the name "Musik Aus Strom" (a name which would be put to more substantial use later on). Their earliest experiments were contributed to the iconic Dutch label, Bunker Records, whose newly founded sub-label, Acid Planet, launched with a steady series of Analogue Acid albums & EPs under the "Acid Planet #.." numerical title, since 1994. Chris & Michael's first of six contributions to the series was the full-length 'Acid Planet 11' album, originally released in 1995 on a limited run 12" vinyl (with a rare CDr re-issue briefly appearing in 2001). Despite the brittle edges and naive first steps, Chris & Michael's 'Acid Planet 11' is still an infectiously enthusiastic and unapologetically singular statement of intent for what would unfold over the immediate years that followed... now given a new breath of fresh air for 2022's digital era, thanks to a thorough remastering by Michael Fakesch himself. Musik Aus Strom (aka: Funkstörung) - 'Acid Planet 11' - OUT NOW: musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/acid-planet-11 More of the series (and other treats in store) very soon. Enjoy. //MAS™
  3. This week's update... OUT TODAY // In 2002, Funkstörung's other 50%, Chris De Luca, released his debut solo album as a collaborative project with the mighty DJ Peabird, entitled 'Deadly Wiz Da Disko' - An all-killer collection of mutual exchanges & experiments, that truly showcased the underground hip-hop elements & influences in Funkstörung's iconic "glitch-hop" sound. With Peabirds expert scratches and contributions from Beans (Antipop Consortium), 'Deadly Wiz Da Disko' became a slow-burn, cult-classic that celebrates it's 20th anniversary in 2022, which we are proud to bring back home to Musik Aus Strom™ for a digital re-issue. Chris De Luca and Peabird - 'Deadly Wiz Da Disko' - OUT NOW: musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/deadly-wiz-da-disko Enjoy. More soon! //MAS™
  4. This week's update... OUT TODAY // Following last week's first volume, today we release part-two of Jay-Jay Johanson's collaborative tracks with Funkstörung, which originally formed the bulk of JJJ's 2002 album, 'Antenna'... Funkstõrung's first experience producing a collection of tracks specifically for a solo vocalist's own album. These last four tracks are compiled here to form the 'Antennae #2' EP - all once again remastered by Michael Fakesch himself, and concluding our little two-part retrospective of one of Funkstörung's more unique sidesteps. Jay-Jay Johanson mit Funkstörung - 'Antennae #2' is out now: musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/antennae-2 Enjoy, and onwards to more special treats next week. //MAS™ (... A little inside T, too. Even deeper archive dives landing imminently. Plus, more actual-new titles cooking nicely and coming very soon indeed. 😎 )
  5. Belated post from last Friday's MAS™ update... OUT TODAY // In 2002, Swedish vocalist & artist - Jay-Jay Johanson, invited his long-time friends & collaborators, Funkstörung, to assist in the production of what was to become his 5th solo album, 'Antenna'. In total, 7 tracks were produced by Funkstörung for the Antenna sessions, compiled here as the first part of a two-part EP release... Jay-Jay Johanson mit Funkstörung - 'Antennae #1' - featuring the first 3 collaborations, all remastered by Michael Fakesch. musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/antennae-1 Enjoy. Part 2 (and more) very soon. //MAS™
  6. New weekly update from MAS™ (and think this one may please a few of you already, based on a few previous posts in here 😏 OUT TODAY // An early fan-favourite title... In 1997, Funkstörung joined forces with the awesome US based Chocolate Industries label (Prefuse 73, While, East Flatbrush Project) for the release of 'Post.Art' - A four-track EP of new work showing further examples of the dense, rich directions Michael & Chris were heading in. Originally released on highly scarce white 12" vinyl, a not-quite-as-scarce standard black 12" vinyl, and later a CD (with a secret fifth bonus track), this beloved classic has been long out of print, and also never an official digital release until now. Remastered by Michael Fakesch himself, 'Post.Art' is out now digitally (in its five-track entirety) as part of our second wave of archive split-label reissues. https://musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/post-art Enjoy, and see you next Friday 😉 // MAS™
  7. New weekly update from MAS™ - OUT TODAY // The second of Funkstörung's archive classic split-label titles with Compost Records from 1997 - 'Sonderdienste' EP. musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/sonderdienste Four more, rare and early pieces from Funkstörung's formative years (and the next step in creating their iconic design brand aesthetic with The Designers Republic), 'Sonderdienste' offers a fascinating insight into a band evolving ever closer to the sound and output that would soon put them on the map. Re-mastered for 2022 by Michael Fakesch himself and released digitally for the first official time. Enjoy... and more very soon. Danke. // MAS™
  8. Some news from MAS™ that may stir some excitement... Überraschung! (Surprise!) Today we are releasing the first of our next wave of archive Musik Aus Strom™ titles and classic MAS™/Split label releases. The first being a rare, early four-track EP from Funkstörung called 'Funkentstört'. Originally released on 12" in 1997 as the first of two split-label EP releases with the classic German Electronica label, Compost Records (Moodymann, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Masters At Work, Âme, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Kruder & Dorfmeister), 'Funkenstört' has never received an official digital release until now, and has been carefully remastered by Michael Fakesch himself for 2022. In addition, 'Funkentstört' is also notable as one of the earliest design collaborations between Funkstörung and The Designers Republic™. Funkstörung - 'Funkentstört' EP is available now: https://musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/funkentst-rt From here on, we will be releasing one additional title from the MAS™ archive every Friday between now and summer. From March onwards, this will also include one entirely brand new title every month. Watch this space and keep your eyes out for notifications from us. It is going to be a busy 2022! Dankeschön! /MAS™
  9. This thread has been so awesome to read. I'm turbo-fortunate enough to have been helping Michael with the MAS™ relaunch (the 15 year old 90s Funkstörung fan-boi in me is still a bit gobsmacked too, to be honest). He's been totally bowled over by the love and everyone reconnecting with the catalogue and sends his biggest danke to everyone so far. He's digging through more old DATs as we speak for hopefully the next batch of split-label re-issues and more classics... and he just sent me previews for the next 6 (!) all-new releases, and (no spoilers, but) holy crap... this stuff is insane! 😵
  10. So, as spammed over here, the Plaid boys will be debuting their first full collaborative live set with Coppé at this year's 23rpm Festival next Saturday (6th October) in London. Something a bit different for them for sure. Coppé has guest-appeared at one or two of their gigs over the years, but never a whole set together focusing just on their collaborative material until now. Coppé has something of a cult following scattered thinly all over the world (partly thanks to her splitting her time between Japan and the US over the last 20 years). This is something I've been helping her build on in the UK since 2011, and this year we thought it worth giving 20 years of her most prolific collaborations a shout out. Since 1998, Coppé has regularly recorded and released original collaborations and remixes with Plaid, with around a dozen tracks now between them. There's talk of a whole collaborations album harvesting these together + brand new tracks especially for it. It was something of a surprise to Andy & Ed as well when we all sat down and looked at just how much work they've actually done together with her over the years. So, thought it worth marking the occasion here with a ganders at some of their tunes together... This was originally produced by Kettel in 2005, but later remixed by Plaid in 2007 and kinda became the staple-version for Coppé's live set (and her 2013 'best of' sampler). One of their earliest full collaborations from 98's 'Peppermint' album, and still my personal fave. Been itching to hear this live for years now! This one just sums up everything that Plaid do beautifully for me. '45 degrees' (from Coppé's 20th anniversary album '20rpm' - 2015) with Plaid at their most "clean", sparse, crisp and minimal. Another Plaid remix that took the minimal original and became the defining version. I know I'm bias... but, can't wait for the set :)
  11. Awww, cheers Goiter. Were you the gent there for Seefeel who I spoke to early on? :) Yes indeed, Dan the guy from California :) Cheers Léigh (assuming this is you) Tiz I. Hey Dan. Good to bump in to you again. :) 21rpm was a damn good year, for sure. Fingers crossed for this years!
  12. Hiya, Frequent lurker and former Braindance mod here. Thought this worth a shout here. I know it's a bit of a spammy start, but... c'mon... pretty chuffed with this line-up, if we do say so ourselves. So just keen to share the love as we're just a couple of independent entities who've clawed our way up to putting on events like this. So yeah... Cheers all. _____ Mango + Sweetrice Records & Bit-Phalanx Music present: 23rpm : An all-day Electronic Music Festival. (in collaboration with Observatory London) London's finest annual A/V festival of cutting edge Electronic music and classic "IDM" returns for a fourth edition on Saturday 6th October, 2018. After two years in Soho, and last year in Bethnal Green, the festival moves back towards Central London with an utterly stunning, all-new venue... The Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair. Room One : LINE-UP: - MURCOF (live) (Leaf Label / InFiné) - FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER (live) (Shitkatapult / Raster-Noton / Mille Plateaux) - TIM EXILE (live) (Warp Records / Planet Mu) - COPPÉ feat. PLAID + THE BEE (live) - Special debut collaborative set debut (Mango + Sweetrice / Warp Records) - ANDREA BELFI (live) - Exclusive Electro-acoustic set (Float) - CHRIST. (live) (ex-Boards Of Canada / Parallax Sounds / Benbecula / Ambidextrous Records) - SONAE (live) (Monika-Enterprise) - EARTH IS FLAT / EIF (live) (Bit-Phalanx) - KARSTEN PFLUM (live) (Touched Music / Hymen Records) EXCLUSIVE LIVE VISUALS + STAGING BY: - OBSERVATORY LONDON SPECIAL GUEST DJS: - SUTEKH (Context / Plug Research Records / Soul Jazz Records / Mille Plateaux) - SI BEGG (Shitkatapult / Noodles Recordings / Additech Records) - SOFIA ILYAS (Float) - DF TRAM (Liquid Sound Design / Subatomic) Room Two | Three Channel 'Silent Disco': - FLOAT (label takeover) - PRÓXIMO (collective feat. Datassette / Luke Handsfree / Tengui / Medallion Man / Night Stream) - VINYL PIMP (collective) _____ Tickets on sale via TicketWeb UK: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmticket All-day passes: • £25 Limited Early Bird (while they last!) • £30 Standard Advance • £35 Limited on-the-door _____ Facebook Event: http://tinyurl.com/23rpmevent _____ Promo video: https://youtu.be/wPe7BzxjGWU
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