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  1. wagneric, mammalsolidarity, i really appreciate your comments! thank you! here's the latest thing i got to play with
  2. hello! here is the latest one, please share some opinions! much apreciated, thank you!
  3. JohnJensen, i can empathise with you. I'm no stranger to what you are saying, and indeed the best thing to do when you get to that point really is to walk away for a while ( of course, it's easier said than done :)) ) cheers man!
  4. Very good track man! keep'em coming!
  5. Thank you Juventae! i'm gad to hear positive comments about this one! it's been sitting idlle for some time, i'm not realy sure how to go about structuring it, and i've decided that i won't touch it until i get a good ideea about how i'm going to aproach it, so i won't mess it up :))
  6. Thank you mattikarkk! i know i'm lacking in the variation, it's been an old bad habit of mine :)) working on it, and hopefully things wil improve. i'm still trying to figure some stuff out as i go along. (the arranggement is like a place where i can and always get lost in ) cheers for the comments, and have a good one!
  7. Hello again! Thank you Milky, your ideea was really inspiring, it got me thinking about combining some other projects, and the result so far is this I really had fun doing this :D this is by far the best advice i picked up from here. I'm thinking of adding some more stuff to it, looking forward to that. Cheers!
  8. Hello! It's been a while. Hope you guys are doing good. I'll cut the small talk and just leave this with you guys here. Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions as always. Cheers! https://soundcloud.com/newtosss-1/acolada
  9. hello! finally got some time to sit down and mess around. here's an update on my last post, which i think is turning out quite nicely. let me know what you think! cheers, and have a good one!
  10. guys, i am very happy that you took the time to give this a listen and provide some very interesting and helpful feedback, for which i thank you greatly! :D you will find this funny butt somehow i agree with you all, as sometimes i feel as if the track would benefit from some more variation, other times i just fall into that state where it seems it's moving quite a lot, other times i hate that drugged bitch, and at other moments she feels like the love of my life :)) i managed to get some time to work on this new thing, which i will leave here. looking forward to hearing some opinions (i'm curious if you guys find that some of the things you mentioned above repeat in this one as well) cheers and thank you!
  11. those bongos are the cherry on top imo. good clean mix both
  12. by no means am i saying that is "wrong" what you did. there is no right or wrong, as long as it sounds good to you, mission complete! (sometimes, more often than not, i can't reach that point where i can say "this is it" so i envy you for this) i know that sound that you speak of, i bet my neighbors hate me for it, hehe :)) cheers! post more
  13. good vibe to it, very trippy. probably a very slight touch on those lows, very subtle though. but it sounds very good as it is. cheers
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