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  1. Yeah I missed it. Subwax will have it, samples of the whole album up here: https://www.store.subwaxbcn.com/product/fe-040/
  2. Just released: https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/im-lost
  3. There's also an EP forthcoming on a new Furthur Electronix sublabel -- the whole EP is on Ballacid's YT channel, though who knows when it will actually come out. https://www.youtube.com/user/ballacid/videos
  4. Clips of the whole release here:
  5. This has also been confirmed as Jaffa: https://www.discogs.com/Unknown-Artist-WH03/release/15061910 We also have another EP from him scheduled for next year.
  6. is this Torriko? EDIT: I've answered my own question by listening to the samples.
  7. this is really good, surprised more people aren't on it. Black version now available from WeMe: https://wemerecords.com/shop/undiagnosed-we-are-box4lp-blackvinyl/
  8. Title track I'd imagine many of us have heard, from the Zero Fucks album from last year. https://specialrequest187.bandcamp.com/album/spectral-frequency Bleep's exclusive splatter vinyl is also pretty tasty: https://bleep.com/release/194205-special-request-spectral-frequency-ep
  9. This is a great album. Hangs together very well as an album too, it's really well mastered, the tracks are detailed and superbly produced... honestly I think this will emerge as one of the albums of the year.
  10. Very nice compilation EP of dub techno, part 1. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/toki-fuko-segue-sibling-beat-espectrum-ii/774508-01/
  11. Our first compilation, released today digitally to coincide with Bandcamp's no-fee day, and for preorder on gold vinyl. Here's some words about it: If you’re looking for the middle ground, you’ve come to the right place. Ever since Gated launched we’ve always kept an eye out for those tracks that sit somewhere in the middle of dancefloor and home, between outright groovers and armchair head-nodders. On our journey we’ve come across these tracks, some one-offs that you’d want to bang out as a DJ, others you’d just like to put on and trip the fudge out. So we've collected them here on a record called In the Key of G, which is packed full of wigged out breaks, weird noodlers, downbeat shufflers, and glitched out crunchers. Some names you’ll recognise, some you won’t. But trust us. Open your mind (and your ears) and relax. As DJ Node says: “It’s got depth but mixability.” Album mix by Node here: Enjoy!
  12. isn't it just great... although personally I think his forthcoming Gated release is even better. But I would say that. I love his music.
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