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  1. Really good recommendation, basslines remind me a bit of ERP.
  2. This was released on Friday, didn't have chance to update you all: https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/for-clyde
  3. Because the project is a tribute to a classic funk drummer and is a homage to the 45 format most of his music was released on first.
  4. This is the first proper release from SELEKTOR55 since his debut on Occult Research a few years ago. Here's the blurb: A remarkable one-off tribute to the drummer behind the most sampled break of all time, Clyde Stubblefield, this 7” goes straight for the glitchy jugular, cutting up Stubblefield’s breaks from his time with James Brown into a blizzard of rhythmically complex, tightly programmed IDM, underpinned by deep, dark sub-bass. Stubblefield passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on through numerous tracks that sampled his work across genres like hip hop, jungle, and, well, m
  5. that's more or less the same one, but we took out a few tracks to make it work for the cassette, and of course mastered it.
  6. OK so I might as well post this here, some of you might dig it. It's pretty Balearic so not the sort of thing that's usually posted, but then again it's all quite varied. Here's the blurb: Like a warm breeze drifting in over the sea to a white isle, Mazzo's six-track EP has summer written all over it. Gentle Winds is an apt title for the range of clearly Balearic-influenced tracks here, taking in hands-in-the-air piano house on Baby I Let You A Bath In, 80s-style hot-funk electro on Blue Field, blissed-out ambient on Cosmic Kiss, and sun-kissed conga-led downtempo on Nat
  7. Weirdly I never get notifications for Furthur Electronix. The only way to keep up with that label is to become friends with Anil Lal on Facebook and constantly check his posts. He has a ton of followers and he posts regularly about when things are going to be released. Often they sell out in 30 mins or less. It's a bit like the end of an eBay auction every time there's a new release. The tension mounts. People keep hitting refresh every few seconds. Is it going to appear dead on 8pm? Or slightly after? "Bagged a marble!" one person comments on FB. "Dang, I missed it again" says the person in A
  8. Strange, there was never an email or announcement, but they do indeed seem to be on the site but out of stock.
  9. Excellent EP originally released in 1994, well worth picking up. Good mix of deep techno on one side and beatless techno/acid on the other. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/susumu-yokota-space-teddy-ep-2/782914-01/ https://www.discogs.com/Ebi-Space-Teddy-EP-2/release/15479791
  10. Wow this sounds great. Another track here: Released September 15, 2020 .
  11. AFAIK Bleep will be getting coloured vinyl like before so if you're into that might be worth waiting a bit.
  12. Not bad. Not very limited at 1000 copies for the Bleep exclusive, but still. Nice coloured vinyl as per usual with Ghostly. https://bleep.com/release/159633-various-artists-ghostly-swim-3 The Human Resources track is sick.
  13. Preorders up on Bleep https://bleep.com/release/200274-various-artists-in-the-key-of-g
  14. Really like this, in fact I'd say it's one of the best EPs I've heard in some time.
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