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  1. From the preview track this sounds like it's going to be great.
  2. I got this yesterday, love CiM. As far as I understand it there will be a repress of Reference as well. Certainly hope so.
  3. One of the best albums this year... vinyl is sold out now, but the whole album is on YouTube: He released it alongside another two albums from a new moniker, The Phantasy, Ibiza I and II:
  4. Our latest cassette release is from another new artist, pulling together 15 tracks produced between 2005 and 2020. We were sent well over 70 demos and whittled them down to these tracks, so I expect you will hear more from him in the future. Just released in digi and limited cassette on Bandcamp only: Samples of the whole release here on Soundcloud:
  5. Yep, I preordered this and I haven't been disappointed.
  6. Just got this, sounds great. I love Khotin.
  7. Really good recommendation, basslines remind me a bit of ERP.
  8. This was released on Friday, didn't have chance to update you all: https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/for-clyde
  9. Because the project is a tribute to a classic funk drummer and is a homage to the 45 format most of his music was released on first.
  10. This is the first proper release from SELEKTOR55 since his debut on Occult Research a few years ago. Here's the blurb: A remarkable one-off tribute to the drummer behind the most sampled break of all time, Clyde Stubblefield, this 7” goes straight for the glitchy jugular, cutting up Stubblefield’s breaks from his time with James Brown into a blizzard of rhythmically complex, tightly programmed IDM, underpinned by deep, dark sub-bass. Stubblefield passed away in 2017, but his legacy lives on through numerous tracks that sampled his work across genres like hip hop, jungle, and, well, m
  11. that's more or less the same one, but we took out a few tracks to make it work for the cassette, and of course mastered it.
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