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  1. Interesting album reminiscent of Traumprinz/DJ Healer/DJ Metatron (pick your favourite). Based on a couple of mixes released over the last few years:
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE CiM. Hopefully Delsin reissue Reference as well.
  3. We just released Guavid's Orion https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/orion
  4. yeah man, this is sounding wicked from the previews.
  5. We're releasing an EP from him. It's been delayed a bit because we didn't like the test pressings, but it will be a four-track EP and should be out in the next few months.
  6. It's a duo and they've only done one other track on the Key of G compilation we put out last year: https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-key-of-g They did some other stuff under their real names but in a different style:
  7. Thanks man, appreciate the comment on the Bandcamp page too.
  8. Hello, it's been a few months since our last release, but for the first one of 2021 we have something a little special. This debut EP from German duo not even noticed (yes, the no-caps is intentional) came on our radar sometime last year and it was immediately obvious how great it is. Here's the blurb: There’s more than a hint of the old-school about the debut EP from Frankfurt duo not even noticed. Breakbeats and acid swirl across these six tightly-produced monsters. The onset of the pandemic had a big impact on the pair, with much more time in the studio to get detail-obsessed, but also that unsettling feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen next. It comes across in the music, with on the one hand razor-sharp hard-stepping beats and paranoiac vocal samples, and on the other blissful spaced-out moments. The EP may indeed have one foot in the past, but this is forward-looking, hopeful, and just begging to be played on a proper system. I can see it's available for preorder now on Redeye and Juno (black vinyl) and we'll have very limited clear marbled on our Bandcamp soon.
  9. I really liked his second album, you should give it another go. Looking forward to these releases.
  10. excellent album, quite reminiscent of Blade Runner-era Vangelis.
  11. I really like 20in20b, tracks are quite unusual. But really they're all good. I think there's also a boxset of all three vinyl coming soon.
  12. yes it does appear to be the case that this isn't available to buy digitally.
  13. A curious release that is styled to look like a library release from the 70s but is actually produced by Jon Tye of Lo Recordings/Seahawks fame alongside Jon Brooks, Steve Moore, and Richard Norris. Very nice ambient from the clips: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ocean-moon-crystal-harmonics/788938-01/
  14. well the Jaffa Kid and Uf0 ones are pretty well known now, and I think there is a comment on Discogs about WH07 being Dawl, which I think is accurate (I don't have inside info, I just think it's fairly obvious). WH012 is Kanyalang - the digitals for the B side of the vinyl are available here: https://truthradio.bandcamp.com/album/dem-feels
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