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  1. wow i never realised that was where it was from. By the way, I believe Simial is working on his debut album but I think he intends to self-release it. At least, that's what he told us.
  2. It's a very good album. I slept on it for a bit but listened to it properly and changed my mind. Actually, I could see a track like Xenopsin kicking off in a club. It's a very subtle but rocking track.
  3. Now up on Juno, not sure why it's taken so long, but here it is https://www.juno.co.uk/products/sound-synthesis-xjenza-eletronika-ep/730824-01/
  4. it's good but the tracks are pretty minimal and don't develop a great deal. But it's still good.
  5. Now available digitally as a new 2019 version https://jamesshinra.bandcamp.com/album/orbit-2019-version
  6. More goodness from Lapsus Records, love what they're doing. https://kettel.bandcamp.com/album/myam-james-2-10th-anniversary-edition
  7. Very good EP from Shawn Rudiman on Tresor https://www.juno.co.uk/products/shawn-rudiman-autonomic-pilot/735432-01
  8. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned before on here, brilliant compilation. Also nice to have Vordhosbn on vinyl. https://k7records.bandcamp.com/album/dj-kicks-peggy-gou
  9. First comp -- and amusing hat -- from Netsh's label https://shop.lachinerie.fr/comicsans6/
  10. And it was 21.99. I'm amazed at how much people will pay for an EP that's already been released digitally. FOMO I guess? People complain about the way Anil runs his label, but I have to take my hat off to him, it's extraordinarily effective. He's got quite a large circle of followers who buy anything he puts out. And, as I've come to realise, promotion is the hardest part of running a label.
  11. yeah subwax have it, add your email address for a notification when it's released. It's a lot easier than following Anil on FB. https://www.store.subwaxbcn.com/product/fe-019/
  12. Really like The Jaffa Kid https://thejaffakid1.bandcamp.com/album/miasmatik We've got an EP from him coming in the early part of next year.
  13. Really nice EP of funky IDM from someone, yet again, who I hadn't heard of. https://billegalbeats.bandcamp.com/album/r21freq-fold-ep
  14. that's irritating. Where's their quality control?
  15. Again another artist I'd never heard of but it's on a very interesting Greek label called Into the Light. Ignore Juno's classification of this as techno, it's a bit all over the place from what I can tell. https://soundcloud.com/intothelightrecords/jason-letkiewicz-the-reflecting-pool-itlintl03 https://www.juno.co.uk/products/jason-letkiewicz-the-reflecting-pool/724660-01/
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