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  1. Tim Jackiw's first LP release on his Offworld label https://www.rushhour.nl/record/vinyl/many-moons-lp
  2. Vinyl: "Vinyl will follow in the near future. It will not be a limited release, so everyone will be able to purchase a copy over time ;)"" From FB:
  3. Tipper is one of the all-time great electronica artists and this is an excellent album.
  4. yeah this is a very interesting release.
  5. Bleep exclusive yellow vinyl https://bleep.com/release/130912-brainwaltzera-marzipan-ep
  6. now I'm even happier I preordered this. Quality.
  7. Interesting lo-fi electro from an artist I hadn't heard of. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/tracey-biostar/727685-01/
  8. I see some of these have just been released on vinyl https://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-wee-djs-3-waves/722644-01/
  9. No sound samples yet but let's face it, most of what Cignol does is good https://cignol.bandcamp.com/album/talbot-sunbeam
  10. For the second release on Gated, Maltese musician Sound Synthesis takes us on an emotive electro journey. The A-side, though, is all about the floor. It kicks off with the atmospheric bass-driven Jupiter Bazz, before taking a decidedly Kraftwerkian turn with the EP’s title track, Xjenza Eletronika. Flip to the B for three deeper, emotional cuts, with Traveller’s melodic intentions apparent from the off. Waiting Rooms continues the deepness, before the EP is rounded out with a little snifter of positivity on How It Feels. The EP’s digital-only bonus track Immersive Rhythms should need little introduction, the title giving the game away somewhat, but a sneaky little acid line works its magic in this spacey and, yes, immersive track. Sound Synthesis is the moniker of Malta’s Keith Farrugia, who has been releasing music since his 2009 debut on Paul Blackford’s Militant Science label. Sound Synthesis is his melodic bass-driven electro project. Out on June 28 on 12" vinyl and digital via our Bandcamp https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com or in stores via our distributor Lobster. Clips: Produced by Keith Farrugia Mastered by Keith Tenniswood
  11. i like a lot of the analogical force stuff, but this one leaves me cold. Bit too bombastic maybe? Maybe it'll grow on me but for now I'll pass.
  12. ooh thanks, sounding great.
  13. cheers for this, wasn't aware of these releases before.
  14. Really good electro album https://www.store.subwaxbcn.com/product/fe-013/
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