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  1. Played before the hour mark. Huge tune by underrated producer, YUJI KONDO!
  2. Will Bankhead has released noise-oriented records in the past, but never imagined Juntaro to join the roster. yee!
  3. https://miraearts.bandcamp.com/album/hush-residence Hush Residence out now! Featuring Katsunori Sawa, C-Kay, Damaskin, & Saraam. Japan/Belgium techno escapades~
  4. I heard good things about the podcast, will check it out. The tape editions are a lil silly tho keke
  5. Any Lust Vessel collectors? All their releases including the ones from their harsher sublabel Stiff Sanctorum are some of the best tapes I own.
  6. Teaser on whats to come for Mirae Arts. A compilation titled Hush Residence starring Katsunori Sawa, C-Kay, Damaskin, and Saraam!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/vavaa.info/ Here's the running page with all the cassette/cd releases he's selling. He was quite responsive via email and I got my items pretty swiftly (a year ago or so) but I heard many customer orders are being delayed or just not shipped at all >.<
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