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  1. Ye is on another level of artistry with this album. I'm no christian, but the album in conjunction with the sunday service performances is quite the cinematic experience that you rarely get from a religious standpoint. Also, as a lifelong fan of Kanye's music, it's amazing to see his journey up to this point with the ups and downs, etc.
  2. Played before the hour mark. Huge tune by underrated producer, YUJI KONDO!
  3. Will Bankhead has released noise-oriented records in the past, but never imagined Juntaro to join the roster. yee!
  4. https://miraearts.bandcamp.com/album/hush-residence Hush Residence out now! Featuring Katsunori Sawa, C-Kay, Damaskin, & Saraam. Japan/Belgium techno escapades~
  5. I heard good things about the podcast, will check it out. The tape editions are a lil silly tho keke
  6. Any Lust Vessel collectors? All their releases including the ones from their harsher sublabel Stiff Sanctorum are some of the best tapes I own.
  7. Teaser on whats to come for Mirae Arts. A compilation titled Hush Residence starring Katsunori Sawa, C-Kay, Damaskin, and Saraam!
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