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  1. getting the thing to play actual gamecube and wii roms was a more involved process. i tried doing it for the gamecube side of things but managed to completely bork it up and resulted in trying to boot gamecube games just having the wii shut itself down. i was only wanting to try Mario Kart Arcade GP roms, I swear !!!
  2. buying the 2nd hand disc from the store felt funny. like i was buying a porno magazine or something really shady, and wondering "does the store clerk know???
  3. love the AIA 2x albums so much. saw Grouper just last week at Melbourne Recital Centre and it was lovely. piano version of Aliern Observer. lots of tape loops and pre-prepared backing tapes that she was playing over. then second half shit got SERIOUS when she pulled out the Guitar and played a good number of her smash hits... like Fishing Bird (i think). and Headache. all in all, very good. it's flu season and lots of people in room were coughing and sneezing. damn fool next to me didn't know how to sit properly and was moving nonstop and pressing up against me, leaning forward, sitting back. breathing heavily through his nose like an absolute fucking moron. but it was all still very lovely ❤️
  4. i bought Lego Indiana Jones on Wii specifically because someone released an exploit where you put a downloaded file on an SD card, play Lego Indiana Jones on disc, go up to a fountain and press B or something .. and then the wii for whatever reason reads the files off the SD card, reboots itself and installs custom firmware onto the console,... installs the Homebrew Channel. used to be my way of playing old roms on TV 🙂 this was a while ago, btw! back when websites were selling modded NES and SNES controllers with gamecube adapters on the end specifically for plugging into the Wii.
  5. here's a new 40 minute *** Album *** of new material ~ https://bitroast.bandcamp.com/album/inmo-side also, here's a 20 minute *** EP *** of some older material, that i also think is nice ~ https://bitroast.bandcamp.com/album/febepe please enjoy
  6. lovely stuff. happy to see you posting.
  7. it’s like poetry .. it rhymes. the bow and arrows is clearly evoking the ewoks from return of the jedi.
  8. the beatles anthology collection. leaving out their most famous songs because the curator wanted to save time. i ain't never heard of such madness !!
  9. this micro mages game looks so incredible. gonna have to buy a rom and try it on my MiSTer !!! it supports 4 players as well and just in general what the game is doing is very impressive, for NES. like when that Commodore 64 version of Super Mario Bros came out and the initial reaction is ??? How the fuck ???
  10. i've seen second hand prices on the BCR range from $50AUD on facebook (sold in like ~10 minutes) to ...
  11. hopefully means production/wait times will speed up a bit. went on waiting list a while go cos 'why not' and it would be very nice 🙂
  12. https://archive.org/details/DoomManualP @TubularCorporation
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