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  1. i agree. @darreichungsform really is literally the worst person ever
  2. good point. the other thing that stood out is the packaging yelling "TV MODE!!!" with the giant tv in the background, for when it's displayed next to the Switch lite at stores.
  3. i got official nintendo one and it looks similar to that fat spongy one. making levels is no doubt easier with the pen.
  4. i also have a moog sub 37 but not pictured cos doesn't fit on desk so it's packed up. the sub 37 has ADSR on the amp + another ADSR on the filter. alot more modulation options.. sequencer. etc.etc.etc. but sometimes i'll still prefer using the korg monologue cos it does what i'm wanting to do anyway and is a billion times quicker to use. the moog is good but the user interface when navigating the menus is truly shitty and not-user friendly. compare that to the Korg MS20000 for example where navigating the menus makes perfect sense and is easy to use. korg monologue (and minilogue) are good like that. very user friendly and it just ends up being a preference to use.
  5. honestly. the little man was going off. he was being asked to leave and he insisted on staying and yelling at the staff + customers and causing a scene. the impulse violence guy didn't attack him without warning. the little man said "fight me!!" so the impulse violence guy quickly obliged.
  6. it is. was purchased years ago from a work colleague and it's stuck around. mostly use it for water cos it's so fucking big. lol at waterbottles legs.
  7. new place / setting things up... JV90 keyboard is newly purchased and was intended to double as a midi keyboard, but some of the buttons are not working and now i'm mulling over returning it or getting it fixed (there's a youtube video fixing the JV80 that suggests contact cleaner is not the answer... he opens the whole thing up, orders new buttons, desolders the old buttons and solders in the new buttons. it looks like a pain in the ass (especially for a schmuck like me.. youtube.com/watch?v=Rl19XuHi4o0 ). mixer isn't part of the set up .. and should be removed from the equation. things are going into patchbay > into audio interface. QY700 is only being used for its cheesy internal sounds and not being used as a sequencer.. which is also why i got a JV90 ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. i dislike their "NTS" Jingle but the content is good.
  9. you've pretty much explained everything there is to explain.
  10. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Born: New York City Ayanna Pressley Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. Rashida Tlaib Born: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
  11. never got past episode 3 season 1. was boring as bat shit. everyone kept saying how it felt like a throwback to 80s movies but it still had all the trappings of a drawn out 2018-era slog fest tv garbage for braindead viewers half watching / half browsing internet on phone.
  12. no way. i listened to this one a lot and always enjoyed it.
  13. how anyone in the 90s had anything other than a Nintendo or Sega is utterly foreign and confusing to me..
  14. wiki says.. TurboGrafx-16, known in Japan and France as the PC Engine. the TurboGrafx16 was the black one. i'm thinking your friend had a PC Engine maybe?
  15. Vic Acid - Selection Sixteen 2 (MEN Records) ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
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