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  1. i think .. with MiSTer, it's largely a project to bring together work being done in replicating old computers/old consoles using FPGA, using the Terasic DE10-nano board as an affordable entry point. (the Terasic DE10-nano board is affordable compared to other FPGA boards as it is subsidized and intended as a development tool). if someone is doing work on a different FPGA board, i believe once that work has been done and shared online, it pretty much should be possible for someone else to then port that work to the Terasic DE10-nano board/MiSTer. (likewise, in the future, if the community jumped to a newer FPGA board and replaced the MiSTer project with something new, the work done should be easily ported). this is the Terasic DE10 baord that MiSTer is built around > https://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?Language=English&CategoryNo=205&No=1046&PartNo=3 one of the GPIO connection gets used up for the SDRAM (required for most cores. required for SNES core, for example). the other GPIO connection gets used for the optional IO board, which adds a fan + additional SD slot (required for some cores), plus has analogue video and audio outputs. (IO board is not really required to play SNES via HDMI) https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki/IO-Board i'm guessing... while old controllers going into MiSTer via GPIO is probably possible, there's currently no solutions here and i would also guess the work done to have a solutions here would be too niche and specific. there's a thing called "retropad32" that should maybe answer your controller questions. or, as you pointed out.. those individual controller > usb adapters that you can find. the MiSTer accepts pretty much any generic usb controllers. i'm using 8bitdo snes styled controller. i think ps4 and xbox one controllers for example send too much additional jargon and are not compatible. i believe the nature of the MiSTer project, eliminates the prospect of there being a way to read SNES cartridges = eliminates Gameboy camera / Super gameboy adapter. the Analogue Super NT is a commercial product that uses FPGA to replicate snes hardware, and that *does* have a cartridge slot. and also has custom jailbreak firmware available to allow reading ROMs via SD card.
  2. got the MiSTer setup and running. MiSTer is so much fun 🙂 big issue with it is .. documentation is a bit sparse and all over the place. you really need to sink time into reading the main wiki, but then also because it's all so in development and in flux, you kind of want to be reading the forums and community side of things as well because there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that makes improvements that you wouldn't know about otherwise. things to improve the scaling and output resolutions and speeds.. documentation is all over the place or non exististant and you really need to spend time digging around to get things set up properly. also things like... the NES core seems to be saving (tested Zelda 1 save file) but SNES core isn't saving... so i need to look into that. setting up 2 players on some of the cores is really fiddly and can get wires crossed pretty easily and need to look into that. the NES core can seemingly boot FDS games but i couldn't get any of the files to run (.... so i need to look into that). yoshi's island seems to run okay but then i got to the bit where you go "behind/inside" a cave, and the wall disappears to reveal more level.. and for whatever reason this was flipped around and the wall was appearing/disappearing in the reverse fashion... lots of little bugs and inaccuracies pop up during testing different games. having said all that, it's still really cool and fun playing around with the different cores. having the NES core running, and then you just press F12 to access the list of available cores that you've (pretty much drag and drop) installed onto the SD card.. and booting into a new core is instant. booting into a rom file is pretty instant. i don't have a rasberry pi set up to compare to.. but comparing the MiSTer NES and SNES cores, to the emulators i've got on Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch Online, Megaman Legacy Collection).. and the MiSTer is notably more responsive and has seemingly a whole layer of input lag taken out of the equation. it looks and sounds crisper too. like you can tinker with the scaling options on the NES core on the MiSTer and get it looks really crystal clear super sharp.. and then you compare it back to what the Switch emulators are outputting.... and it looks like comparing a compressed JPG to a PNG file. it's really cool stuff 🙂 very addicting just getting lost looking at file after file.
  3. DS9 on the other hand looks like a kids game show set where you have to run around and find hidden items and avoid having "green goo" dumped on your head for being the losing team.
  4. damn conspiracy nutters. heaven forbid, a TV show that lasted for 8 years had an unsatisfying season finale. it is entirely unprecedented in human history that such a thing could ever occur.
  5. my rant was probably largely directed at my co-worker star trek fan who keeps recommending it to me more than anyone on WATMM, BTW FWIW
  6. i also hate how.. star trek TNG had a crappy first season but eventually got good, and Star Trek DS9 had a crappy first season but eventually good. it kind of gives all the new shows free passes to be crap and people will keep forgiving it with a sentiment of "maybe the next season will be better!". there's also plenty of tv shows, in the history of tv shows, that started crap.. stayed crap, then got forgot about cos they were crap. if it's crap = it's crap. if it's good = it's good. i'm sick of giving everything a free pass all the time in the hope that next year's efforts will be better. someone page me when the show's actually good... ain't noone got time for this crappy garbage crap.
  7. mass effect was more star trek than star trek discovery was. the show is now just a bad annoying hangover of its former self that just won't go away.
  8. i really enjoyed mario maker 1. finding good levels was a pain but that’s also a problem of 90% of the uploaded levels being garbage. but eventually you stumble onto a good level + browse the uploaders levels + check their Favourited levels and find more good levels etc. etc. this sequel will be the end of me !!!
  9. small fee to support site for members to pay is not an issue in itself. but to interpret links to a fan made freely available live recording as a middle finger to the site admin, and then deleting links, and holding the files hostage behind a paywall, is 100% trying to take something away from the fans and assume ownership over something which site admin does not hold any ownership to. very lame.
  10. this is basically a middle finger to everyone on this site who isn’t you.
  11. didn't know that @Joyrex had a copy of the CD. us mere mortals still only have the radio broadcast (i think?).
  12. hearing the old material in good quality would be nice. BOC Maxima is nice. it's pretty much a proto-MHTRTC as far as i can tell, that was later revised. where's that damn BOC set already.
  13. nintendo don’t fuck around !!!!
  14. right there with you. i turned it off after 10 minutes despite loving armando. the film was just kinda pissing me off and annoying me.
  15. your own website, man! https://forum.watmm.com/topic/41079-autechre-credited-in-metroid-prime/
  16. autechre are listed in the thanks section of the games credits, but the game also has its own share of credited actual composers. they didnt clarify the thanks credit in the watmm aaa, citing the NDA. still unknown what the thanks in credits is referencing. funny part is, metroid prime has a bunch of songs that sound inspired by early 90s autechre.
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