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  1. i've heard your exigences https://netshmusic.bandcamp.com/album/before-everything-ends-black-mass-cybernetic-salvation cheers mates, take care
  2. Hi mates, Tyr.pMix4 clip is out on ballacid channel I've heard some of you were waiting for distribution outside of bandcamp, I don't think I can do distribution outside bc (always tough to get distribution for the first release of a label) So I created 2 discount codes for you, to save some money (specially if you're out of EU, shipping cost is quite expensive) So use the code " watmm " for the Ultra-Limited Edition 12" Vinyl to get 25% off and " watmmm " for the Limited Edition 12" Vinyl to get 20% off Codes are working until 22th May Ultra-ltd edition is almos
  3. Hi Folks, I uploaded mastered versions of the 2 shows from AFX @ Coachella on my Soundcloud 2 days ago, but it has been removed by Coachella for copyrights issues, If you want a decent quality recording, here a dropbox link where I put .wav 16 bit and .mp3 320 to download Aphex Twin - Coachella cheers
  4. thx for creating this topic mates another track has been uploaded by inverted audio, you'll have the rest of the album on YouTube next week i think cheers
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