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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_Margherita But I get it ... the grunting is part of the deal. Sigh. For me, it's only the riffage that's interesting.:shrug:
  2. Very nice, slick and sweet. Perfect lazy warm weather music.
  3. Thanks for the recommendations. Will check them out. Intensive Care is sounding pretty good. (except for the vocals - why can’t there be metal without those sh*tty grunts?)
  4. Came out July 30th 2019 on Creme Organization: "15 High Voltage Street Jams" aka old school type electro. Some big names, including Aux 88 and Legowelt.
  5. Hey guys, Anyone know this band, The Great Sabatini from Montreal? They put out an album called "dog years" 5 years ago that was all over the place and rather unhinged and that I therefore rather liked. Last year's followup was a bit more run of the mill, but, anyway: does anyone have any recommendations for further stuff in this vein? Thanks!
  6. Yeah, that’s weird. No Gucci in sight, though they do show a Ford commercial.
  7. A rather impressionistic 20 minute documentary about where techno (the Detroit kind) came from. Soundtrack features Drexciya, Juan Atkins, UR, etc.
  8. Freaky track. Nice. Bit Paula Temple-ish. The kick: there’s a whole bunch of different ones but I think they’re all combinations of, like Madellis says, layers. One of these layers is a deep low sub. The other is a variant of a fairly high pitched base sound with a medium (?) pitch drop. Not super slow that you can hear it sliding down but longer than a mere snap. Go for a quick sci-fi-ish laser type effect. This sound is then distorted.
  9. Wow ... that’s the soundtrack to a mall shooting right there ... 👍
  10. Hey @taphead, while I applaud the principle of your endeavor, I do have to ask: did you enter all that data by hand (I sure hope not) or did you scrape some sort of API, and, if so, which?
  11. That was a pleasant read - thanks. The rest of this thread is a trainwreck, though. Turning a legitimate complaint about WATMMers behaving like dicks into a discussion about autism ... sheesh.
  12. As it turns out I can't be arsed to use all the features of this lovely little box (you know the drill: mono synth with gloriously weird 8-bit analog oscillators sent through a very nice analog filter) I'm selling it. It comes in a metal case with wooden side panels. Built by the person I bought it from. Can be yours for EUR 180.
  13. Very true. Then again, none of WATMM’s featured artists are old money, so, you know, maybe there are drawbacks.
  14. From the new releases sub forum: The Texas Chainstore Manager
  15. Yup. Born white, middle class and male in Western Europe. It’s almost impossible to f*** this up ... and believe me I’ve tried.
  16. Edit: woops, can only post one. So, uhm: yeah, great! ^ Kinda reminds me of the Vienna vegetable orchestra in a way *cough*.
  17. It's *very* good. "Efficient" is the word I would use to describe this.
  18. Awesome review of this - or some other CupcakKe music, it doesn’t matter - in he Wire, trying to claim it was “empowering” and “liberating”. Imagine my surprise when I decided to check out one of her videos. Back on topic: my 10 year old niece named her cat after Katy Perry. That’s all I know about her. Cat’s alright, I suppose.
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