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  1. Not sure what to make of this. It's all over the place and not really going anywhere, but the person who made it is definitely talented.
  2. So for some reason - dunno why, I always found Bogdan Raczynski a bit excessive - I just listened to this and ... it was pretty good. Not as over the top psychotic as I remember his earlier output being. Complex and busy, yes, but reasonably easy to follow and quite pretty in places.
  3. Ed Would II : nice electronic nightmare vibe you got going. Not too sure about the into - especially the long silence caused me to lose interest - but everything else, especially the sound design, is pretty good. Drene <-> Pleno : had to turn down my volume for this. Thanks. A wall of noise not really being my thing, I don't have anything even remotely intelligent to say about this, sorry.
  4. Not shit, but the start is a bit too repetitive, then when the pad comes in at 0:24 the jump in how many notes the bass plays is too much, IMHO. A more gentle buildup would've less jarring. But the sounds are good and I like what I think you're trying to do here. It just sounds unfinished, is all.
  5. This is pretty cool stuff. Love the sample manipulation. Dig the gritty sound as well.
  6. Sounds like if AE would be on CPU. Or something. Really good.
  7. In a sense, doing with trance what Le Dom is doing with gabba. As it turns out, I tolerate gabba better than trance. But it's really not bad at all. Will continue to watch this label.
  8. The new releases sub forum. It’s awesome 👍
  9. Oh, well, then I guess it sucks. oops
  10. Le Dom - Schism EP zvλd - Enantiodromia The Gasman - Epoxyethane The new Plaid is pretty good. Don’t know for how long yet, though
  11. Anyone into these guys (this guy)? I’ve been digging his off-kilter, rhythmically challenged jams since back when he was drummer for A-Frames. Much slicker, now, of course. Still pretty good, if a bit less manic than before:
  12. For me on some of their albums the opening tracks kinda blew the rest away. This time around not so much. It’s an ... opening track, I guess? Ha! At least they kept the Rytm - its sounds pop up every now and then on this album 🙂
  13. Oh come on ... what does that make Rest Proof Clockwork, then? 15/10? Bonkers.
  14. First time through: * Quite a bit darker than previous Plaid albums, which tended to be more consistently light and airy (though this one, too, has its moments, such as the last third of "Drowned Sea" and, of course, "Dancers") * Much more synthetic than previous Plaid albums. * Tracks strike me as a bit repetitive. * Dancers is the obvious standout track here. It, too, is a bit repetitive, unfortunately. "Nurula" is pretty, too. * "Recall" makes much more sense in context. It still is a very un-Plaid-like track, though. * Second half of the album is better, or at least more immediately accessible, than the first. * The production quality is impeccable.
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    Hunting around for music made with trackers / Renoise I came across this artist: http://a773.dk Not bad. Small details, quite pretty.
  16. Yup, it's free. It's also very nice. A bit too sweet for me to listen to very often, but well done and very, very LUSH
  17. ^ Nice find. Sounds like Albini alright - bit pretentious, bit overly sincere, but with his his heart in the right place. Just why, why did he have to name his best band "Rapeman"?
  18. Pretty good. Raw, gritty, and, not unimportant, not just a pastiche of a bygone era.
  19. Cocaine Piss is a terrible band name for a not particularly great band, so no, I wouldn't say that's cool. And I say this as a fan of Steve Albini's work.
  20. Even if you don't build in M4L yourself (though you could, if only because of the BEAP virtual modular synth) it's very useful because of all the M4L devices out there you can download. There's all sorts of useful utilities and sequencers you can play with. Envelope followers and LFOs are especially useful - you can use them to automate other parameters in Live, even VST parameters.
  21. Very lush. Bit of an old school Plaid vibe in places, too. That's a good thing.
  22. Dancers sounds like the Plaid we know and love ...
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    Casares and Krzhizhanovsky sound really interesting. Added to the list. Thanks. WATMM: come for the music, stay for the book recommendations.
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