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  1. Cool. The Euler Room one is really tight and focused. Haven’t gotten around to the other one yet.
  2. Well, at the very least this video is making me feel sorry for the woman. Probably not the intended effect. Also ... what's with singling out white women? Are white men not racist or something?
  3. Ding ding ding ding ding. Winner. / thread
  4. Just picked up a copy (digital, of course. ain’t no 80s kid ever gonna pay for cassette. d’uh) It is amazeballs. From start to finish. Which comes too soon. Back on repeat it goes
  5. It’s when you buy a new piece of gear and for a few blissful weeks you think you’ll never need to buy anything ever again.
  6. Personally I prefer a clearer distinction between salad and bread based food items but that video is genius 👍
  7. *cough* volume 1 only *cough* Damn that's contagious.
  8. Never heard of him before, but it's pleasant background music. 👍
  9. He’s a diy-er. He’s talking about short circuits.
  10. rhmilo

    Brexit :(

    Last time some states tried to secede there was a bit of war about it. Not sure if Americans have become less violent and trigger happy since.
  11. Did someone post this yet? If not: How remdesvir works and why it's not the ultimate corona virus killer (Stanford.edu so I'm assuming it's at least somewhat reliable)
  12. No, never heard of it. And judging from your description of it, I don't think I wil any time soon 🙂
  13. Ah, yes, you're right. So I looked it up and: - Lambiek / Lambic is the spontaneously fermented base beer. - Geuze is a mix of both old and new lambiek. - And Faro, like you say, is lambiek with brown sugar. If you're interested in this stuff, there's also "Kriek", meaning "Cherry" beer: geuze (or lambiek) with tart cherries. Not all of the available varieties are good. Most are too sweet - but a well made one is not. Lindemans makes a very good one, IIRC. My favorite is "Oude (old) Geuze" by Boon, btw. Expensive, not always easy to find, but very, very good.
  14. It kind of looks like a zombie attack to me - with methed up rednecks.
  15. Isn’t Faro aged lambic or something? Or is that Geuze? Anyway, they’re all related - and all from the same area. Also +1 for Orval
  16. Wait ... what? What did I miss?
  17. No, some dingnuts got the mother of all pizza ovens and took all the fun away for everyone else.
  18. Oh, so we do disagree then. I think 1000 murders committed by the police every year is atrocious. Also, about 1 in every 1000 black men dies at the hands of the police. That is ridiculous.
  19. You wrote "That means out of all police-public interactions in 2015, that means approximately 0.002% ended in the death of a member of the public. So again, while one wrongful death is one too many, the amplification caused by social media and echo chambers/media bubbles makes the issue seem like genocide." Which I read to mean you think it's not all that much. My bad. @dingformung thanks for the thorough writeup. Very interesting. As for the Netherlands: we did colonialism and slavery, but it didn't happen here so may people feel it's not their responsibility. While some of their ancestors ran around the world raping and pillaging, most of them stayed home and worked their bones off just so they could have a little bit to eat. This may, perhaps, excuse the bulk of the ancestors, but it certainly doesn't excuse their modern descendants who are stupidly racist, insulting and belittling people of color and generally making their lives miserable, by not hiring them for jobs they're perfectly qualified for, by racially profiling them even though the vast majority of people of color do not commit crime and by doing all the other unpleasant things that fall under the euphemism of "micro aggressions".
  20. Craft beer was fun when it was just “hey - you know they have different *kinds* of beer?”. Now it’s just ridiculous.
  21. Wasn’t that “reset” mostly in the West, though? And how are German police when it comes to immigrants? Dutch cops are unbelievabley racist shitheads too - they just don’t have guns. Edit they’re just a lot less violent
  22. In that same year in the Netherlands there were 3. Obviously the Netherlands is much smaller than the US (17 million people vs 350) but extrapolated to the population of the US that would be: 61
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