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  1. Those clips are insane. Vibert is on another level now. Finally something to look forward to this year.
  2. There's definitely a pre-made kick added in a randomised pattern, in time with when the bursts of audio are triggered, giving it a consistent rhythm. At least, that's how it was while I was tuned in. I was listening for about an hour yesterday (while doing other things) and at some point the kick suddenly changed into a more 808 style one, and that was the only noticeable change of the whole thing.
  3. Every now and then, a genuinely good beat emerges from the chaos, only to disintegrate again
  4. I'm worried that he might have stopped working on new music due to other commitments. I've been loving the old stuff that he's been unearthing lately, but I don't think he's put out anything new in the last six years. That being said, fact mix 645 and xlr8r podcast 433 were top notch.
  5. But everyone loved the NTS weekend
  6. This is great news. Hoping for something like his Warp30 mix.
  7. What about Luke Vibert? He's been quite active lately.
  8. Cats may be IDM, but breakcore is not
  9. All of the channel 2 shows were already available and downloadable. You just have to look for them.
  10. I feel bad for the lion guy. I'm sure I got the same BOC question and put the same answer he did. Although a visit to the "featured artists" subforum could have helped him with the Clark question.
  11. I'm getting worried about this guy's bandwidth.
  12. This bit right now is really nice.
  13. Where? All I see are "thanks for the upload" and "what is this track" type comments.
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