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  1. +1 well done, sounds really cool. talking about Ableton workflow, i found myself struggling a bit with song structure when working on hardware (mainly Elektron MD + Nord Modular G1), while Live somehow gives this control back. i recently recorded some tracks into Ableton. restructuring them in the box seems to promote developing the original structure. also, it makes clear that things that work fine live just don't add up to a song.
  2. octa is a demanding little creature, but will serve you well once you got your head around it. one can hear you're already on it. i find the "background" sounds of 01a very cool. they somehow make the bed for everything else. love the ending too. surely, 02a is a different thing, i like the simplicity of it. there is some digital distortion if i'm not mistaken, perhaps some strolling low frequencies? nice job!
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