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  1. I definitely would when she looked like that. I really don't go for the blonde teen boy look she's had for a while now.
  2. Nicely decoded! Although still unclear as to who some of these artists actually are.... Daryl = Darrell Fitton??
  3. Still makes me cringe to see the Sabres' Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix) on any compilation. Nice track but was absolutely hammered and featured on just about every 90s/00s 'chillout' compilation.
  4. I have to admit, I did read the last bit in his voice 😄 Anyways, new stuff from Mr Jenssen is always welcome!
  5. Is Discogs the way to go, or is there a more definitive list?
  6. This album is a winner. If you're a fan of their work, both old and new, this hits the spot. Best thing they've done in ages.
  7. Sounds good so far! Even the Orbital remix (after their laughable last album). I'll definitely be getting this.
  8. Lol Bran was in a wheelchair afterall like Mr Glass
  9. It's more annoying that the Night King just amounted to nothing. The story just ended and that was it. Like they were just some plague of bugs or something. One very simple thing I heard someone suggest that could have added to it all, was having the very final scene with Bran in a room on his own and his eyes frost over to blue. A very simple twist that would have at least added some depth to the point of him and the Night King. But alas it was all just an exercise in wrapping up every plot point and loose end as quickly as possible.
  10. Hard work isn't synonymous with great work. It's blind stupidness if they want to believe it is. A lot of these actors probably know how bad it is, yet because they are strongly associated with it, they don't want to rubbish it. They feel it's like rubbishing themselves. The writers certainly know what a hack job they did. But they don't care because they are moving onto bigger and better things. They just wanted to be done with it. GOT will always be remembered for the epic show it was and the storm about its last season will eventually blow over.
  11. I have to say I much prefer this guy's ending. Some things I would probably change, but on the whole, for me this would have been a more satisfying chain of events for the season. Even squeezed into 6 episodes.
  12. ^^ Spot on. It turned into a kids fantasy show. Even the cheap visual tricks were evident of that i.e. Daenerys' dragon wings shot and the blatant Star Wars rip off shot of her stood at the top of those stairs shouting to her vast army (which seem to have respawning capabilities). It seems like after Season 6, despite spending so long on the Sparrows story, they thought 'nah fuck it' and just raced through every plot point until there was nothing left.
  13. Absolutely fucking dreadful ending. It's like watching a kids fairytale. I almost turned it off. The whole of season 8 is just a bad GOT parody. A complete insult to the rest of the series. I'm glad it's over and I'm done with the whole thing. No way I'll be watching any spinoffs or prequels. Fuck the books as well. I really don't care anymore.
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