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  1. I have to say I much prefer this guy's ending. Some things I would probably change, but on the whole, for me this would have been a more satisfying chain of events for the season. Even squeezed into 6 episodes.
  2. ^^ Spot on. It turned into a kids fantasy show. Even the cheap visual tricks were evident of that i.e. Daenerys' dragon wings shot and the blatant Star Wars rip off shot of her stood at the top of those stairs shouting to her vast army (which seem to have respawning capabilities). It seems like after Season 6, despite spending so long on the Sparrows story, they thought 'nah fuck it' and just raced through every plot point until there was nothing left.
  3. Absolutely fucking dreadful ending. It's like watching a kids fairytale. I almost turned it off. The whole of season 8 is just a bad GOT parody. A complete insult to the rest of the series. I'm glad it's over and I'm done with the whole thing. No way I'll be watching any spinoffs or prequels. Fuck the books as well. I really don't care anymore.
  4. Now 600k and will no doubt reach over a million by this time tomorrow. It's never gonna get remade but just goes to show what a bag of shit S8 has turned out to be and people aren't fooled by it.
  5. There's even a petition up to get S8 remade! 😄 https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers
  6. 'Surrounded' is my all time fave from Mr Tipper and this feels like a bit of a nod in that direction. Going to get in now.
  7. I can't believe how nearly right I was about this, slighty wrong order and no flashback. Seems like the whole aim of this season is to kill everyone and everything off, so there isn't any more story at all. Probably just Winterfell left at the end.
  8. I'd rather have no friends than shitty friends
  9. It was so underwhelming too. Blissful dragons flying in the sky moment - then wham, one of them gets hit with an arrow from out of nowhere. Turns out Daenerys and her dragons need glasses.
  10. Two more episodes to go. Please just shoot me!
  11. It really wouldn't surprise me if GRRM had been sitting on Winds of Winter all this time, waiting for the show to finish. I'd imagine him to announce its release a month or two after for Xmas. AFAIK the Night King isn't in the book, so that part of the story shouldn't be a worry. Hopefully a more satisfying conclusion, especially for Jon and Bran's stories will be in there too, for those who actually recognised and appreciated the finer nuances of the show.
  12. Or maybe you completely missed the sophistication the show originally had...
  13. Fundamentaly, a little girl single handedly killed a giant. Another little girl single handedly killed the Night King. The stuff of Saturday morning cartoons. There's even no need for a battle with Cersei. Arya could just go to Kings Landing in disguise and kill her like she did Walder Frey. The whole story has fallen apart.
  14. He gave it to her and she executed Littlefinger with it (who was behind Bran's attempted assasination). That was the point of it. Justice for Bran.
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