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  1. The straw that broke the camel's back
  2. Found the video. A good watch for his views on remixing. At around 3:10 he talks about the Belfast remix.
  3. No idea on their logic for choice of remixers. There are much better these days that could do a so much better job. But saying that, their remix tastes have always been all over the place. Sasha did a remix of Belfast years back, but got rejected by them for being too far removed from the original. Sasha later released it himself as 'Belfunk'. The whole thing just smacks of the same old tracks with fatter beats for current times anyway.
  4. Absolutely can't take track timings on Discogs seriously at all.
  5. Just a misprint I guess. I think the actual American spelling is Ortecker.... and I believe in France it is spelt Auetechqueaueuaereau.
  6. Part of the soundtrack of my youth. It'll be interesting to hear new material.
  7. He was brilliant in Fight Club. RIP sir!
  8. Completed Days Gone earlier this year. Massively underrated and unfairly slated game.
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