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  1. Yeah, will it be a take on the darker Dead Cities version? Or the Wipeout/Part 4 EP version? 🤔
  2. Aerodynamic and Theme (from 1998) made it onto Planet µ compilations that came out around that time. Pass Arani was a remix of Marco Passarani's Phonok
  3. Can't wait to play this. I enjoyed the first one a lot.
  4. No. I didn't get much further than the early parts of Yharnam. I will pick it up again soon though.
  5. Bloodborne is the shizzle 👌🏻 It's just a shame I'm not very good at it 😄 Making my long way through Days Gone atm.
  6. I think they've taken down all the installers for previous OS's. Mojave and Catalina have not been available to download since Big Sur was launched.
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