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  1. This isn't fact checking though, this is just manually making sure content is within the community guidelines or whatever they call them. And I'm not sure that that's even manual, it could be something like if you get 2 reports you're automatically flagged, I know some Facebook used to do something like that(similar to how YouTube allows this sort of thing to protect themselves against copyright) Anyways, besides the ads side of this discussion I think the algorithms used to serve non ad content on social media sites can also be dangerous, as it just funnels people towards more extreme versions of their views, or views they are prone to believing in. The whole point is to increase user participation in any way possible. It also seems to also create echo boxes as people with similar views are funneled together into the same communities.
  2. I definitely agree with having that. My point was more about non ad content.
  3. And how exactly is Facebook going to actively remove the mass murder videos, there's no algorithm for that, and even if there was, more advanced software than deepfake is gonna come along and make it completely useless, and furthermore, what if it's Livestreamed? As for "racist shit", there's also no algorithm for detecting this, and this is something that can also be subjective. Fake news? If my aunt starts posting on fb saying donald trump killed her dog is that supposed to be automatically removed? There's no algorithm for truth here. If your auntie photoshops those pictures from her trip is it fake news? I agree fact checking political ads should be necessary but outside of that it's just impossible. The liability should be on the people using the platform for harm, not the platform for allowing something that is impossible to stop. Facebook is already brainwashing people knowingly or not just based on how it decides what content to show people, it's that algorithm that I think is the most solvable issue here.
  4. What do you mean by this? Yeah I'm like this with most music too. I just get a bit obsessive over this stuff sometimes, probably because the rest of my life is too boring ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: and another thing, rdj said that the tracks on drukqs are about real world events, so I figure it'd be fun to try and figure out what these real world events are just from the music. This probably applies to a lot of his other music too.
  5. I don't think it's narcissism? I only post my interpretation and read other in the hopes that other people may have a similar interpretation to mine, which in theory would help figure out what the music is really "about", because if you only have your own interpretation there's so much to be misinterpreted because of who you are. At least if you find what's common between yours and other peoples you have a better chance of finding out what the real intention was because you can discard parts that are you just projecting yourself onto it. I get that that's probably dumb because we'll never truly know what the intention of people like afx is, but I enjoy trying to figure it out, even if it's futile. Or maybe I am a narcissist and I wrote that so that other people would be oh so impressed with my super intelligent opinion on another persons music
  6. What's wrong with the boc subforum? And what's wrong with these kinds of threads? I'm still waiting for an answer since you all clearly think it's stupid /cringey or whatever.
  7. 5:04 in msm is the aftermath of banging Nanou change my mind
  8. vkxwz

    Share your dreams

    How is everyone having such pleasant dreams(mostly)? I don't remember the last time I had one that wasn't a nightmare, and I remember my dreams probably 50% of the time after I sleep. Always being chased, always breaking something valuable, always almost cheating in my girlfriend, and on one occasion, snorting lines of coke until my nose bled orange and I ran into a dark forest with machine gun, shooting a bunch of people I don't know. 2 nights ago I had a dream about a threesome with my girlfriend and one of my good friends, where I ended up walking out into another room full of people, hyperventilating, and then I woke up. Just gimme the good ones damnit.
  9. How did you get it off junesrent, what online thing do you use to get it off him, and how do you know him Edit: I think I need to learn to read
  10. Why do you love that they're obscured my clouds haha
  11. Wait why the fuck is feedback measured in ms I always thought it was a volumey thing
  12. How much god damn acid has everyone in this thread done
  13. Are you implying they removed the "the" so that amazon is now "lord of the rings"? I just looked up Lord of the rings and both the books and films have the "the" Interesting thought, it had to be a conscious decision I guess.. Edit: so the first words you'll read are Amazon's Lord = Amazon is lord Am I catching your drift here?
  14. And the motion stuff is sooo powerful, not sure if that's a common thing since it's the only bit of proper gear I own besides an old amp but it makes it extremely flexible when sequencing stuff. Or even when playing something live, punch in a simple acid line, press play, press record and start twiddling the knobs, then if you stop it keeps playing the last iteration of knob twiddling, so fun
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