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  1. vkxwz

    Share your dreams

    How is everyone having such pleasant dreams(mostly)? I don't remember the last time I had one that wasn't a nightmare, and I remember my dreams probably 50% of the time after I sleep. Always being chased, always breaking something valuable, always almost cheating in my girlfriend, and on one occasion, snorting lines of coke until my nose bled orange and I ran into a dark forest with machine gun, shooting a bunch of people I don't know. 2 nights ago I had a dream about a threesome with my girlfriend and one of my good friends, where I ended up walking out into another room full of people, hyperventilating, and then I woke up. Just gimme the good ones damnit.
  2. How did you get it off junesrent, what online thing do you use to get it off him, and how do you know him Edit: I think I need to learn to read
  3. Why do you love that they're obscured my clouds haha
  4. Wait why the fuck is feedback measured in ms I always thought it was a volumey thing
  5. How much god damn acid has everyone in this thread done
  6. Are you implying they removed the "the" so that amazon is now "lord of the rings"? I just looked up Lord of the rings and both the books and films have the "the" Interesting thought, it had to be a conscious decision I guess.. Edit: so the first words you'll read are Amazon's Lord = Amazon is lord Am I catching your drift here?
  7. And the motion stuff is sooo powerful, not sure if that's a common thing since it's the only bit of proper gear I own besides an old amp but it makes it extremely flexible when sequencing stuff. Or even when playing something live, punch in a simple acid line, press play, press record and start twiddling the knobs, then if you stop it keeps playing the last iteration of knob twiddling, so fun
  8. What exactly was so wrong with this thread that it got this reaction? As for interpretations or whatever, I've got a pretty strong idea of what the story of vordhosbn is to me at least (I've only really been a fan for a year and a half though so this will probably change), but I see the drum pattern(s) as some sort of destructive force, like the hi hats build up to a higher point (in terms of pitch) and then drop into a kick, like a bomb dropped from a plane. At 0:51 that synth that comes in seems to be warning against that destructive behavior or whatever, and at 1:13 it all goes wrong / too far, you can hear the hihats go even higher than before and create more or an explosion in the bass than before. After that point the synths freak out over what's happened, and at 1:36 the drum pattern starts to backtrack, undoing the mess it created until the synths are calm again, but then starts down the same path again at 1:58. The destructive force builds up again (sort of under the radar, not being too destructive) until 3:28 when it starts to layer on and the kick properly kicks in again, and it takes until 3:50 for the synths to "realize" this and start telling it to stop (or something to that effect). I realize some people really don't like individual interpretations like this, as of course it's never going to be exactly what RDJ had in mind while making these tracks, but I think it at least shows just how good he is at creating such a detailed emotional reaction in people with what is fairly abstract music
  9. You can hear "David Koresh founded boards of Canada" if you listen to 1969 backwards ( it's the main vocal sample) Most of the album just sounds weird and kinda spooky backwards though, I think it was only "intended" to be listened backwards in that they expected some people to just be curious enough to do it as a fuck around,
  10. What do you people make of the percussion in this track? I must have listened to it 50 times and still can't really make sense of what is going on, normal drum kit sounds processed through analogue equipment? How is that "wet" elasticity part of the beat made and what is it really tied to? Sometimes while listening I get glimpses of something that makes a lot more sense but I can usually only hold onto that for a few seconds before it disappears.
  11. vkxwz


    Wonderful I'm starting to rethink my dream of working in this field. Changing degrees 2years in doesn't sound too appealing however.
  12. vkxwz


    Wow that is a disturbing picture. I guess in 50years humans will have usb c ports sticking out of their heads too. Can't wait until people with less money become the products (like with Facebook) and instead of paying with money they pay with personal information from their brain, or they're forced to have ads steamed to their brain. And of course they'll all choose to do this because of the convenience/efficiency that the technology provides
  13. Neat Also I've just realized that the filtered white noise in The Waxen Pith actually has changing pitch, playing a melody that's adds a LOT more emotion to the track, neat
  14. Ahahahahaha, yes he's the problem with this forum. Not the toxicity that is obviously everywhere here. Sounds like you're being defensive because you know you're part of it
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