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  1. Gottem Gottem again And thanks yekker I never knew that's what the voice said until now
  2. I love the fact that with a lot of aphex's music, there are hidden layers and tiny details that you discover over time that you never heard originally, what are some of your favorite example of this? I'll go first: the hihats at 3:00 in ziggomatic 17 that took me a while to realize were actually playing a melody as well as the rhythm. And the scream at 0:35 in 54 cymru beats that always makes me laugh now.
  3. I tried emailing you because I have some midi to contribute (some of omgyjya switch 7) but got no reply
  4. Anyone have any sort of explanation for why other psyches (lsd / shrooms) change the high you get from weed long after tripping? For me it changed it from relaxed hazyness and generally more enjoyment, to something way less chill and more psychedelic, it's almost like now getting baked sort of breaks down the wall between my conscious / unconscious mind where it didn't before. Also, wtf America.
  5. Eh, if a bit of ego dissolution rubs off a bit on these types it's a good thing in my eyes anyway. Plus if it really works the way they think it does it'll result in better designed stuff for us anyway.
  6. Yeah I think (at least in high doses) it's a little too much for actually making music, but great for experiencing / analysing / forming ideas. Maybe microdosing brings that benefit to creating though.
  7. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00213-018-5119-x Here's the link to the study, basically they found that while under the influence of lsd subjects were able to more accurately reproduce lengths of time that they experienced. ie it's like the brains internal timer was made more accurate. I don't think I have to explain why this is significant for music.. Thoughts?
  8. I know this thread is pretty old but does anyone else hear 2 sets of lyrics at the same time? I can't make out all of it but apart from the obvious lyrics I can hear stuff like "we mustn't kill our protector" at 0:35 and "slit your throat now" at around 1:30. Along with a bunch of other ominous stuff, all in a darker voice. That second line really makes the sounds at the end of the track and the start of the next really uncomfortable for me, anyone else hear the same thing?
  9. I used to think this but I doubt it now, doesn't sound like real acid that's been sampled and then chopped up. another thing is how he made the opening few bars of the track, I actually used to think that acidy thing writhing around were bird noises haha. It's really subtle but dense Yeah I love how he works around it in vordhosbn, especially when he warps that anchoring melody, which becomes really obvious in the drumless version
  10. I guess it was a pointless question anyway, so I'm gonna ask another pointless question, anyone know how RDJ made the acid line on Mt Saint Michel? looks to me like he's filtering the retriggered percussion in a really cool way to get those sounds but it's really hard to tell what is really going on.
  11. That Kyma stuff looks really interesting, I see what you mean now. I got bored and tried to see if I could make realistic sounding drum samples starting only with a voice, here's the result... https://clyp.it/ I know it's shit but if I can do that then I reckon aphex could make anything out of anything really.
  12. I that's the case for afx 237, although the speech synthesis on 54 cymru beats is really impressive (if that's what it is), Sounds to me like all of the mangling to the sample was done in PP, you can get that sort of effect pretty easily with retrigger effects, although I find getting it to sound as good as that is near impossible...
  13. I know there probably isn't any real way to know for sure, but how much of this track do you think is solely RDJ's voice from that sample at the beginning? the breaks at around 1:40 sound like breaks sampled from elsewhere, but theoretically he could have created these samples from the original, right? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I can't find much at all (on this forum or anywhere else for that matter) about the production of this album, and so much of it makes me go "how did he even do that?"
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