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  1. I'm only just starting to get into jungle but I enjoyed that last track a lot, good stuff
  2. Hard to choose but probably Amo Bishop Roden Sounds wrong saying that, but it is the one I come back to most often
  3. It definitely makes me not want to read it at all, that's for sure
  4. Great stuff, love your work with breaks. the synth melodies in that last one are pretty cool
  5. They are cool when you overcompress some drums on purpose but that's about it. If you're doing live recorded stuff like vocals sure use one but other than they they're trash
  6. Mastering is boring and useless but I will bless you all with a golden mixing tip: Compressors are wack If a tiny bit of a sample of section or your track is too loud, render to sample, then use renoise's sample editor(or something equivalent) to redraw the waveform(like you're in paint) at that part so it's not so fucking loud, easy as piss thank me later
  7. By one take do you mean he sequenced it in one take? Or that he just records it all in one take. Because I hear this a lot and if it's the later I fail to see how that's particularly impressive. If it's the former then fuck... Just had another listen and every track is still amazing, I don't get the hate t69 gets though, l guess that middle collapsing bit sounded a bit awkward at first but after it clicked the whole thing works so well as a story(prediction? Haha). Fun EP
  8. Cool acid, I like the track, and plus one for what willochill said, is that a real 303? Sounds good
  9. It's been fun listening through all your tracks in this thread, this one might be my fav. Your drums are always great but I'm almost more impressed by the melodies? I love the counterpoint stuff it's just really enjoyable to listen to. Latest track is good but I lost a bit of interest soon after the intro, might be me not the track tho, i did really really like the pads that start it though.
  10. The start of that second track reminds me of a photek track. Both tracks are good I'm very impressed the first one was your first proper track, mine first was uh, very different :)
  11. got a link to sean talking about th?
  12. They actually mentioned this petering out thing in interviews, not that it being intentional makes it automatically great or something but yeah
  13. Yeah this, This being a coincidence seems extremely unlikely, and if it's not then how in the fuck do you come up with that
  14. This isn't fact checking though, this is just manually making sure content is within the community guidelines or whatever they call them. And I'm not sure that that's even manual, it could be something like if you get 2 reports you're automatically flagged, I know some Facebook used to do something like that(similar to how YouTube allows this sort of thing to protect themselves against copyright) Anyways, besides the ads side of this discussion I think the algorithms used to serve non ad content on social media sites can also be dangerous, as it just funnels people towards more extreme versions of their views, or views they are prone to believing in. The whole point is to increase user participation in any way possible. It also seems to also create echo boxes as people with similar views are funneled together into the same communities.
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