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  1. Ok so brian you are talking about skills needed to get what you hear out of your head and into physical music, and xox is talking about what goes into the actual generation of that music, two different areas that are both relevant imo. Heres where that quote is from: https://acclaimmag.com/music/aphex-twin-answers-bunch-questions-artists/ Xox can you expand on in what ways that state beforehand affects the music? You always seem to be getting at something in these conversations without actually expressing the meat of it, like giving examples or specifics. And brian you really think emotional state doesnt have an effect on what melodies you imagine?
  2. Well yes, im saying that part is "using your imagination", you know, how you can make new music without ever moving your muscle, that nobody else can hear? Im not sure exactly what you are getting at here
  3. Well yeah, so I assumed that this just meant imagining music to entertain yourself / make you feel the way you want to feel, and thats what you want to hear. And then the "imaging" part is the act of transfering it from your mind into real/physical music. How else would you interpret it
  4. Some useful stuff in this thread. Found this in an aphex interview once: "Everytime you make music, if you’re on form, you should be imaging what you want to hear, which is basically how you want it to be" i don't pretend to know exactly what this means but it sounds more like imagining a melody first, and then creating it in your daw the way you heard it in your head. I have tried to do this a fair bit but like someone said earlier it ends up not being the same as its confined to the piano roll, although some of my favourite melodies i have made have come from this method despite that. Thoughts on this method? Seems like with enough practice you could get to a point where you just imagine the melody, chords, drums etc in real time and then recreate it in the daw immediately after, and surely that would result in more creative / interesting / original music than just noodling or placing down some notes until it sounds right. It'd be the closest thing to recording your internal experience as you imagine the music and for me at least thats the dream.
  5. I could be wrong but it sounds to me like some of the audio near the end is recorded from a long distance away from where its being played, like reverb but just recording from a different location. You can hear what sounds like a huge reverb but it sounds like its outside, just a thought, aphex has mentioned something special about how moving though the air changes sound in a special way. loving this EP more recently.
  6. Not offended, seems like your point about mimicking music counters the rest of my thoughts, boring. At that point just say music is change in experience/meaning over time or something as boring as that. I do want to know more about what you mean by bending time at the narrative level? This makes me think of something ive thought of for a while, if you want to tell a story in music, if you are composing in a way that has a constant bpm, then ignoring that alignment of beats with previous ones seems like a misstep as it introduces a structural quality that isnt reflective of the story you are trying to tell, so how do you even work in that structural component of the sound to reflect the meaning that you want to give the sound? As an example of this "problem" take the story: xox goes to a bar, xox drinks too much throws his glass at a bartender, he gets removed by the bouncer. In this narrative on a very simple level you just have a set of 4 events depending on how you divide it up, should each event be assigned one bar? Why would they be equally spaced anyway? Just seems like the repetition will always introduce a part of the form that doesnt reflect its meaning.
  7. With that logic light is also just about the change in amplitude of the electromagnetic field at each photoreceptor in your eye, except you get more more spatial information from your eyes(6million cones each compared to 2 ears) and less resolution in terms of frequency(3 types of cones compared to 3.5k inner hair cells). And time is a part of loads of art that isnt music. I think music is so important to humans for other reasons that im not really sure about, similarity to language and the connection between language and emotion seems like an obvious one though. The way our brains receive the auditory data is more like a 1 dimensional screen, similar to our vision being received as a 2d screen. We know this through stuff like fmri, but it doesnt explain the existence of binaural beats, really odd stuff. Oh and sign is good
  8. The last state that is never seen again is 666, so that video is still technically off by one
  9. Look again. If anything its first stable configuration is on 667
  10. Yeah loving these tracks, that sully remix really is great, know of anything similar? From any artist
  11. Same here, having it seemingly unscramble and change in your mind over time is part of the fun, it is strange if you can still remember how it sounded originally and compare. i dont think i'd listen any less without that aspect of it though, probably more actually. I think lots of people are looking for vocals and sounds they have heard many times before presented to them in a way that they are used to, and anything outside of that narrow range doesnt fit into what they consider music, thats how you get the "its just noise" "is the cd skipping" reactions.
  12. drukqs but with cronos blend. looks like a tracker interface to me Been trying to find out how this thing works but I cant seem to find anything. The blog has no relevant info, and I can't find anything else online. really strange, I guess maybe they don't want to give too much info since they are making money out of it, but it doesn't even say who created it
  13. Fractal: Green and black fractal: Mandlebrot set (what the fuck?) Mozex makes the best tracks
  14. 6:00 to 6:07 in mt saint michel + saint michaels mount?
  15. Cool thread. I struggle with this track personally: Also I find with a lot of more dense stuff I dont lose the one but the 2 3 4 are completely lost to me, and it definitely feels like im not able to experience the music correctly because of it, because it makes so much more sense when that doesn't happen, because stuff that should "line up" doesn't. Do you tap along? Are you conscious of keeping time while listening?
  16. Read the rules Also the "Read before starting a new thread !!!! " thread, don't just come in expecting feedback when you haven't given anyone else any (unless I am mistaken). With that out of the way, cool rework, not relying on the original much, immersive from the start, was cool that you used that interview bit, neat drums and sounds very full to my noob ears, I like it.
  17. I'll never understand this weird fascination with windowlicker that puts it above more interesting tracks like minipops for so many people. Seems to me like windowlicker is just more pop and accessible and has a wild music video and thats why it gets more popularity. It doesnt come close to stuff like circlont 6A in terms of emotion and how the track evolves. Maybe I've just taken the bait though with this post, but I do know that lots of fans rank it as one of their favourites.
  18. Same. My favourite track on the album (although I'll admit im not even close to having fully digested the album yet..). It's like they wrote an algorithm for composing layers on layers of syncopation and its just so satisfying to listen to. Not to mention the sound design being so sharp and slick. Would like to know if anyone knows of any similar tracks with that first quality.
  19. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1747016115579531 Another friendly part of facebook Also, when I was using facebook I noticed that they actually hide comments selectively, as the default sorting is by "relevance". This doesn't just mean the order is what they decide is "best" for you, but they decide what gets shown at all, so you will go to the comments of a post and see 2 comments, when there are actually 6, and they dont make it that easy to see the missing 4. Probably hiding comments they deem more likely to cause you to spend less time on the platform or something.
  20. Are you talking about gwety mernans? Ive had the same thought, not that I think that's the intention.
  21. On the topic of taking a break from music, has anyone else noticed how much louder it sounds after a day or two break?(maybe this is obvious) Its like a t break. And a really strange thing I noticed, sleeping doesnt count as a break. I can take an 8hr break and music sounds much louder, but after an 8hr sleep it doesnt sound louder at all.
  22. This is real nice. And would definitely fit that type of game imo. If you dont mind me asking, how to you get those slow pads that run throughout?
  23. Well go on, I'm interested enough in your perspective. Also I'm wondering if there's a way to measure it's affect on peoples attention spans, mine feels incredible short and I feel sad about it but I don't know what "normal" is. The other thing is it is seemingly causing people to be always needing to multi task which i have seen a lot of; need to constantly be messaging / scrolling, etc while working / studying (maybe that's just addiction?). Having periods of time where you only focus on one thing without breaking the time up constantly by looking at your phone seems to be becoming more and more rare.
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