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  1. They seem to have deleted their bandcamp stuff as well as SoundCloud which is strange, but anyone that wants the flacs can find them on slsk. I'm a huge fan of this release, bird compartment is the highlight for me and the whole album is filled with really good stuff. Sweet melodies, very original with lots of personality. Highly recommended. https://youtu.be/h4bFCOzm0e8
  2. Only 5:1? Seems like 50:1 for me. I agree through
  3. Could be Paul Nicholson? The guy who created the aphex logo and danced on stage at his live shows. Edit: just read his ama again and it's definitely not him
  4. Probably. I actually thought that maybe that final scene would lead straight into Walt walking in and meeting Saul for the first time, but I went back and checked and in breaking bad Saul's outfit is different for that first meeting compared to the end of this episode.
  5. If anyone is actually affected by this issue google sci-hub
  6. "Rob's a big geology fiend, always talking about rocks" Really enjoyed this ama, was nice how he actually answered questions pretty much in order as they came in the chat, not skipping any, at least early on.
  7. This sounds like a threat
  8. Yeah I'm just nitpicking about the word choice, It is an extremely common response nowadays it seems. Going around calling your own music taste eclectic when people ask what you listen to is not it though, conjures images of neckbeards and trenchcoats etc, for me at least
  9. This is cool, cool rhythms and combinations of sound, had me interested from the first few seconds. Was expecting some pads and melodies to come in earlier but it still held my attention without that, unpredictable enough but not so much that it sounds disorganised.
  10. Whenever people say "I listen to everything" I imagine playing them some noise or pretty much any ae from the last 20 years, because inevitably "everything" is a pretty small subset of music available today.
  11. Some short thoughts that I wanted to talk about with some people that are actually deeply interested in music, since I know very few of those in my own life. 1. Do you believe that there is one most "correct" interpretation of a peice of music, that is closest to the artists intentions and own view of that music? I see a fair amount of people that seem to think that this sort of perspective is wrong, but I think that their view is missing the point of music in a way, like receiving an email and deciding that you can interpret it however you want and all the interpretations are the best. I still think there is a lot of room for differences in interpretations that are all still "getting it" but they are more akin to how 2 people may feel differently about a colour scheme. 2. I've been curious about consistency between different peoples feeling about what music in conveying, I've found some very strange youtube comments but the most interesting things I've seen are from personally surveying people I know, playing them something and asking them what emotion is being conveyed. One thing I found was a lot of what I would call projection, where they just gave an emotion that consistent with how they already felt / how i would expect them to feel regardless of the track, this surprised me a lot, and made me wonder if they paid attention at all. Another thing that was common was that they would hear anything electronic and call it "video game music" or "background music", or even referenced something specific that had some common sound, but didnt match the vibe at all. this type of things seems like "missing the point" or failing to connect emotionally to the music at all. 3. I had some luck with doing the same as point 2, with some tracks from early aphex or some skee mask, where their interpretation was so similar to mine it was uncanny. This happened enough timeand with specific enough descriptions (that always surprised me a LOT) that it cant just be luck. This feels to me like times where me and the other person listening were much more connnected to the music and were feeling something much closer to what the artist intended. Anyone have any thoughts on this type of thing? And I did a survey of 12 people for In the maze park by AFX if anyone is interested in reading the responses, I was weirded out by some of them honestly.
  12. What do you guys think ae mean when they talk about conditionals? I'm imagining rules that are something along the lines of, is sample A plays and then sample B plays one beat later, then sample C plays 2 beats after that, but with enough of these rules that you can set of cascades of sound. No idea how max works though
  13. Yeah its great, sounds like how I imagine getting ECT would feel like. The swings from aggressive hard beats to moments of sweet melodies leading up to it are so good too
  14. Could be, this effect is all over SAW
  15. Listening to Strotha Tynhe, It's always sounded like a subtle phaser on this track but im realising now that its not moving in a consistent sin wave, the phase is all over the place. This + the way the track somehow feels like there is some extra "motion" going on at points makes me think that its not a phaser at all. Maybe the original recording has being re-recorded, with the position of the speaker or microphone moving around to create this effect. But then again the volume doesn't really change in that way and it doesn't feel like it moves around your head. Ive also noticed this weird phasing in a lot of his other tracks, like the percussion on Heliosphan, anyone know what's going on here?
  16. I really enjoyed the first 2 eps, was a nice surprise to see 2 episodes there when I finally sat down to watch. It's even more obvious this season how much older the actors are than in breaking bad, but thats to be expected. I might even rewatch these 2 before the next one is out, its been a while since I've watched something of this quality, every second of it is great
  17. If the sample played as an F, when you play it as a "C" in renoise it will still sound like an F because it is. And if you play a D it will sound like an G. If you want the note names in renoise to match up instead, you'll have to get the same sample in C, to do this just play it 5 semitones lower, so play a G (in renoise), resample that then use it as the sample for a new instrument. I think theres a tool mentioned earlier in the thread that does this automatically though. My notes could be wrong and i may have misinterpreted you, its early
  18. Do you still believe this? i think this logic is very backwards. Effects like visual acuity come from activating receptors that are specifically serotonin receptors, the psilocybin would have had no effect without serotonin system already existing. Not to mention there are plenty of species that wouldnt have ever come into contact with these mushrooms that have a serotonin system, lobsters etc. I can see some plausibility in arguments about how it led to language due to synesthesia though.
  19. Yeah pretty much. And i like thinking about this stuff without the separation of what is nature and man made, we are a force of nature, and while we can change things on earth dramatically and commit suicide as a species while taking other species with us, we will never be able to properly sterilise this planet of life totally, and any life that remains will evolve into more complexity / intelligence again long after we are gone.
  20. Could you at least try to explain the time bending part of that post you made? Maybe with an example? Do you mean something along the lines of shortening and lengthening different sections of time to make it "musical"? For example making a montage scene in a film is cutting out (shortening) lengths of time in the "real world" of the story so that the remaining parts all happen in rapid succession in a rhythmic way. Thats my best guess.
  21. Got any quotes from ae saying this? I'm not really sure what making music in a non linear way is, do you mean making the different sections of it out of order and then putting them together in a different order to how you made them?
  22. Just discovered Xanopticon, I find it quite difficult to keep track of the 1 in this, most of the time im not sure where i am and im just hearing the stream of beats, It's only been a few listens though Tracks like this I find difficult because it's quite fast and detailed, but in a lot of points the rhythm is sort of sparse. and there's nothing constant to hang onto. One bar could end with a gap in the drums, and the next could start with a small gap, leading to some ambiguity about where it really starts unless you are really focused on the time and confident in that timing. even a quiet consistent ticking hihat in the background would make it infinitely easier
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