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  1. Cheers man! Flim was an influence for this so really nice to hear that
  2. Here's a new track I've been working on!
  3. Wicked drum break. might be cool to have a sub bass come in next, and to chop up the organ so it gets all glitchy
  4. Rly nice melodies on the final draw, the way they weave in an out . Very cool
  5. Loved this. Evolves so naturally and really pleasing sounds
  6. Drum and bass ones dope. so much acid. Cool when the whole track goes into this wet reverb at the end
  7. Thank you for listening!
  8. Yeah there's different reverbs on everything. Some consistency might be a good idea! Thanks for listening
  9. It's cool how about half way through the drum pattern suddenly drops in intensity , it has more of a half time feel which I wasn't expecting. And then drops out completely. weird structure but works so well
  10. Really dig planetes A. That sub bass that keeps coming out and in, and the delay on the synth always changing. Also love the bitcrushy textures that you've put over the top. That reversed section at the end could be explored more imo, such an interesting change but it ends v suddenly.
  11. Nice one really hypnotic track and loved the delay on the synth. You can get lost in this one
  12. Really ominous with those reverse sounds and how it just stays on one chord makes it more intense. Like this alot
  13. That's wicked didn't know tidal could be used in that way. Love the way the panning changes so suddenly
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