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  1. na laughs bro, laughter is a holy thing to some Native American tribes. We have much to learn from other cultures.
  2. I really enjoy the ability to 'like' posts and especially that there is a Farnsworth option, but I think that the hamburger option can be better. Can we get some headphones on that thing?
  3. This is my favorite Carpenter film. I'd hesitate to say it is his best, since that's subjective, but this film scared the hell out of me, and there is a scene where a woman sacrifices herself and moves between worlds, and the shot only lasts for a few seconds maybe if I remember correctly, but it is absolutely breathtaking, one of the choicest moments in film in my eyes, up there with the tommy gun sequence in Miller's Crossing.
  4. I love season 1, especially the scene where Pete brings a shotgun to work and aims it at everyone in the office. Classic Pete! The set design and costumes are also done really well, some interesting and impressive attention to detail at moments.
  5. Heard this album for the first time yesterday, really loving it! It was released in 2018, an archived concert of Monk with his 1963 quartet live in Copenhagen. Also never heard of the jazz drummer Frankie Dunlop before. The groove from 0:53 to 1:03 is so tight:
  6. I'm unfortunately homeless write now, but I still have da hot trax on my person
  7. First-rate bass line here, courtesy of James Jamerson:
  8. speaking of happy accidents, I came across this this morning: https://diffuser.fm/prince-ballad-of-dorothy-parker/
  9. This is awesome. I work in Live too, and sometimes I will record four separate tracks with synth melodies in the lower-mid, mid, high-mid, and high frequency zones, and I record each as audio out from my midi-sequencer going right into my audio interface. I usually stop recording each track at a different point, though, so say one of them lasts 17 bars, another one is 16.5, and another 18.25, etc., and when they all play in loops they end up restarting at different points and some happy accidents ensue kind of like how you say here. I use an MPC live for sequencing drums and my synth, and the problem that you are trying to solve here with triggering clips could most likely be done very easily with the MPC live, which integrates with DAWs (although I have never used it this way). The Live has something like 128 tracks per sequence, so you could definitely get the kind of thing going by recording in your DAW and then drag-n-drop your clips into the pads on the MPC. I think someone else mentioned the Ableton Push too, which is probably even better for doing something like this. The MPC has the advantage of working well without a computer, though.
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