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  1. Good job pulling it out of context though ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Maybe you should tell the whole story and that I was quoting him
  3. I like the aphex twin thing, sounds a little bit similar to what I made at the start but better of course. autechre is a bit too simple in my opinion the boards of canada one I liked less.
  4. I understand but I do not think using a drumloop and a vocal loop is so bad. I would just like to do my own thing but its not possible to share that here. Because it always comes down on the same thing, the loop thing. I am not gonna change it I am sorry and its clear that many of you have a problem with it. I understand you are trying to help but I just do not feel accepted, I feel like I need to defend myself the whole time. Because I use a drumloop and a vocal loop. I do play all the other sounds myself but it is clear that that does not matter at all and sorry, I find that stupid. I just want to do my thing and stop hearing the loop discussion the whole time. Stop being laughed at. Its to much to ask, that is clear, because it keeps happening. Then I am a a hole because I really had enough of it and explode. I am always in the wrong. Thats just how I view it all. And when I try to explain it then I am a ahole again or I am wining or this and that. I just want to have fun making music. But everytime I make something I am happy about it gets dragged down because I use drumloop and vocal loop. Nobody speaks of the bassline, nobody speaks of the strings, nobody speaks of the pad, nobody speaks about the things I played and made myself, everyone only speaks about loops and presets. So yes, this really is not the place for me, and thats a shame because I liked sharing my music here. Believe me, its not easy for me to stay away from here but I really do not need to keep on hearing the loop/preset discussion. I want to do it my way and if I am not accepted then its really better for me to just leave... edit: you have to understand that I do these for fun, not to become famous. So I really do not see any problem in using two loops, a drum and vocal loop. I will find work and just do music as a hobby. Thats what I want to do. Another reason why I want to make music, and this will sound stupid I know, the jokes will come, but is to make my mother proud. I did so many wrong things in my life, I used drugs, I threated my mother like crap. I have no work, no girlfriend and I still live with my mother. I have nothing. I want to make her proud and with my music I do. This will sound stupid but she even asked me for the first time to make a cd with the songs with vocals. She really liked them. And not because she is my mother, because as you all know I made numerous other songs and she never said that. She did like them on my Mozex Page on facebook, but never spoke of it. Today for the first time she told me she would like the song: can you feel it, on a cd. I played it cool but it made me feel good. I do something she likes and makes her proud and that is enough for me.
  5. Finally a constructive answer. Thank you I did not know that. I just use a drumloop and vocal loop, all the rest is played myself... how many times must I say that... But I understand now this is not the place for me. I wish you all succes on your musical journey.
  6. The thing is people, that I will get better with time. So what is most important for someone who makes music is not to become demotivated. You will get better anyway with time. But if you get demotivated you quit making music. If some of you really believe you motivated me a lot with your kind of comments then I think you all might be wrong. Another funny matter is how you call: your music is bad, your melodies are dull, you have learned nothing in music school, truefull feedback and critism which I should be able to take. But when I say once that the music you make is bad then I am an a hole. Yeah...
  7. Another sinfull drum and vocal loop song with presets!!!! Oh no!!!
  8. Its always the same, how dare I use loops. Does not matter that all other instruments are played myself, that one drumloop and vocal loop, that is what gets highlited. All the other efforts I do dissapear. Its like my tracks only exist out of those two loops. Thats just stupid. Yeah I have to make my own drums and sing myself, does not matter that it sounds bad then, it sounds good then because I made it myself. Thats the point one of you gave, I have a different view on what is good and if a drumloop and a vocal loop is better then doing it myself, I will use it. That does not mean that whole my track are samples, not at all, but for you all it seems to mean that way. Thats a bit stupid in my opinion but hey, who cares at what I say right? I am just a noob with a background of 4 years of music class and 7 years of keyboard where I, I quote, "Learned nothing at all" Ah yes and I use presets, another sin in music on this website. You know what would be another good solution? To understand that I make different songs then you all do, and then look at what I make. But hey, another stupid point of a troll.
  9. Yes I can understand critism, what I can not understand is ridiculing. Yes your views of mature lack. Because in the end I just had enough of it and exploded. Why did I had enough of it? Because most of you act childish.
  10. So you actually believe that I am the one acting like a child? Hmmm okay. Your opinion is just ridiculous. I can not make drums so I use a loop, I cannot sing so I use a loop. Its as simple as that. You act like I only use loops which is not the case. Whatever I do, its never good. Do I play melodies, then they suck, do I replace the melodies with vocals, then thats not good. What I have learned from my short time here is that I do not need to please others but myself with my music, thank you all for that important lesson. I aint threatening to leave, I just do not find enjoyment in this site because everytime I post something, its not good. There is always something wrong. I am glad I already found other music sites that give positive feedback also because if I had stayed on this website alone, then I would have stopped making music already a long time ago. You all think you are so good but to be honest, and I stated this before, you should call this site the noise makers. I can go around critising the "music" some of you make also just because it aint my thing. I am sorry to say this again but some of the "music" I hear here are just some noises put on a drum. You all think thats pretty cool and thats your opinion ofcourse, I do not think that is music. Its just noise. It is clear, that this website is not the place for me, because you all want me to become like you, making noises on a drumpattern. I am sorry, I do not want to be like you ๐Ÿ™‚ When I post something, most of you just visit to have a laugh and ridicule me. And then when I say you make me feel bad you act like I am the child. But in the end, all you guys do is laugh at me or accuse me of being a troll. I did not threaten to leave, I am leaving. Find someone else to laugh at. If you think I am gonna pay for a membership for that, then you are very wrong. I will go to other sites where the people at least try to be positive. I do not mind advice, I do mind that ridiculing me and acting like I am so bad at making music that I just should stop. If you all made good music, I could understand and accept it, but most of the time the ones giving "advice" are even worse then me. Please call this website we are the noise makers. Its more relevant to what the use of this website is, because if you make music, then you got laughed at. Just make some boing boing triiiinnng triiing electric sounds on a boom boom drum pattern and this is the place for you! Yeah I had enough of it, again, I only came back because this was the only place where I could share my music. Now, not anymore. So have a great time thinking you all are music makers and laughing at people who actually make real music! Bye bye!
  11. I think I am just gonna leave this site for what it is. I hope you feel good about making me feel bad.
  12. Got them from sample magic, it was called EDM vocals or something like that but its not available anymore on that website. Bought it a few months ago. I figured out that I aint good in making melodies so I am trying it now this way...
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