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  1. Yeah I am banned there because my songs had nothing to do with christianity and were considered spam. and here they are considered christian because they have a christian title. I get it.
  2. There is hope for all.
  3. This song tells the story of all that will be left behind when Jesus comes to save those that believe in Him.
  4. We sometimes have a hard time. In faith, when all seems lost, when things go wrong. We have to prevail no matter the cost. I will prevail. http://mozex.bandcamp.com/track/i-will-prevail
  5. This song tells the story of how Jesus comes to Earth. There is written that He will wonder if there is still faith. This is how this story sounds.
  6. I will put my more classical kind of tunes here:
  7. Finished and reuploaded the song: In the Mood for Something Good. You can listen to it now in the post above.
  8. So I dropped the mastering (it was suggested on another forum since it took up to much of my time and I did not understand it either to be honest) but I did use the FX-G Master plugin just to gain the volume so it is on par with other tracks. Let me know what you think: https://soundcloud.com/mo7ex/getting-prepared
  9. Mozex


    I liked part 1 the most of the two.
  10. I like reflexes a lot. Container not so much, a bit to much (reverb I think?) on one of the instruments. I know you tried to create an effect there but I did not like it. Maybe other people will like it, its more a personal thing so no worries.
  11. Thank you for listening and the reaction. So the bass should be lower, okay will do that next time and I will try to sidechain it with the kick. I did that for this song too, sidechain it with kick but it gave some troubles and I just put it off... but will work on that too in next song if I remember.
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