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  1. http://mozex.bandcamp.com/album/the-sound 8 tracks for 2€
  2. http://mozex.bandcamp.com/album/power-of-god
  3. I do not know if this is the right section to ask, I am sorry if it isn't I recently started using an all acces pass on digitale slate. It has many plugins which I already use. Now I saw on facebook an add for a simular service. I read a bit about it and it looks better. The main thing that I like a lot is that when a plugin would go out the bundle you get it for free for a life time with a life time license (even in case of bankrupcy of the company) I can not buy these kinds of plugins because they cost a lot of money... I also have no clue what to buy, I do not have any knowledge of these things so a sub is better since it also includes future plugins which will be released. I currently have this sub: https://www.slatedigital.com/ I took it in the first place for the ANA 2 synth (which I rarely use to be honest) but stayed for all the other plugins like reverb, EQ and delay and the "mastering" tool. I just use the "mastering" tool to put the song on the right volume so all songs are basicly at the same volume level. I am happy with this sub but for some reason the other sub seems better it is this one: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/prod ... nthly.html Do any of you have an opinion about both subs? Please share them then. I will go ahead probably and take the 14 day free trail of the other sub to check it out.
  4. The Bro - Late Night Vibes
  5. Good job but I would put the volume of the shuffling thing that comes in sometimes a bit down. It can get a bit too much. Maybe the volume is right and you just put it too much in the track I do not know but it became a bit irritating for me to listen to it. And thats a shame because the track is really well done!
  6. Like it a lot but I think the Hi Hat would be better if the volume was a bit down of it?
  7. @Drum Up I might do that but then I will include more verses. Thx for the tip!
  8. I made another song and will upload soon. I heared in last song that the snare was too loud I will change that now and upload improved version
  9. Thx all, I really did my best. It was hard figuring the plugins out and adding and shaping the right reverb and EQ for the individual sounds. I am glad some of you liked it.
  10. First song I used plugins for reverb, EQ and Delay. I also used plugin for mastering it myself. I hope it does not sound too bad...
  11. Np man I understand, I do not comment a lot either on others track. Truth is that I am always busy making music. And to be honest all I can say to other peoples track is that they did a good job and should keep on making music. Thats the best advice I can give to anyone. Some people think they need to give advice on how a track is build, I understand that they are doing it to help the other person. But what I know (because some people on some forums are ALWAYS telling me what I should do) that it does not do anything else then bring a person down and take away the fun he has creating a music piece. I believe that improvement not comes from someone else but by the years of experience they have. I also believe that what is bad for the one is good for someone else, so why should I give others advice on how to create something? Let them create themself! All it does is that you make clones of people. By saying: listen to this, or do this or that, you create a clone of the one you make them listen too or a clone of yourself! Is this what music making has become? The need to become clones of someone else? No thank you. I have this argument on another forum but I wanted to add it here also. For instance, my earlier tracks that got broke down by many now are good again in some peoples eyes, but they do not like these recent ones. So yeah. I have learned that I do not need to look to much at what others want, music taste varies, what is good for one is bad for another and vica versa. So I guess I will, after this set of music pieces, create some more banging music as I did before, but with a bit more variation. It seems some people liked it.
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