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  1. New Ting sounds good to me.
  2. Yeah its true, you all been so sweet to me. This is the last thing I am coming to say here. You dare to complain I am an asshole in this post but you all did nothing else then being an asshole towards me. What goes around comes around and now I say goodbye
  3. I hope you are happy, you see that I am down and you just kick me one more time. Maybe I am not a good musician but I am a way better person then you and honestly, that is not a compliment for you because I am pretty terrible.
  4. I understand but I just can not make any drumpatterns. And its true, all my songs have the same set up but just different tones. It is true but its all I can make. I got some good advice but the drum thing will never work. I do not have any inspiration for it. I simply can not create many drum patterns I do not have the skill to do that. I am a keyboardist, not a drummer... So I want to use drumloops, but when I do I just can feel the dissapointment. I came to a point that I do not even dare to ask anything anymore. I was asked to act more in the community then just share my songs and I did and for what? Just to be treated like crap on my posts. Or laughing because I am christian. Or laughing because other reasons. I like it here but sometimes I had enough of it. Today was such day, I even searched for other forums but none of them seem active anymore. I am sorry for my outburst in this topic but I really had enough of it. I do not know what to do anymore to be honest. I just want to make songs like I feel good while making them. Songs which I like. I just want to do what I want to do and I know that may seem foolish but I just want to have fun. I do not need to become famous, I just would like to share my songs and maybe some people will like them. Nothing more. But I thank you because you said this. Thank you it means a lot to me.
  5. I understand. I will try then to not post any of my tracks here. I guess no one likes them anyway.
  6. I only use a drumloop... come on...
  7. You know what, I do not really care about what you all want me to do. I am gonna do what I did and use drumloops. I am sick of doing whatever you all suggest and then still get treaten like crap when I ask a question about something. I do not care anymore. I am just gonna share what I made and keep my mouth shut. I removed so many good songs because of what you guys said: do this and do that and I removed everything and it was good what I removed. I can not make drum patterns, I am not a drummer. I stated that from the beginning. No Mozex, make your own drums, use this, do that. And everytime I removed all the songs I had. Luckily I only removed them online. I am now pretty down because you all treat me like crap for 90% of the time. You all must feel good about yourself. Go on, keep treating me as crap and think you yourself are so wonderfull. To be honest, half of the time I listen to others work I just cry because it sounds like shit. And you all treat them right, yes ofcourse they made the sound themself and did not use preset. Nobody cares the sound sounds like crap, nonono, we like shitty sounds. As long as you made them yourself. Well I use fucking presets and I am proud of it. I can also go bang a garbage bin with a spoon and sample that noise and make a song with that, I will get fucking praised on here. Yeah right, go on, I do not care anymore. This is what I do. This is what I do best. And if you all do not care about what I do best, then you should not look at this topic anymore.
  8. Thank you all for your valuable and civilized input
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