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  1. I tried something else with this track. Instead of making a arp out of everything I used more layers of melodies. I also tried to create a more variated kind of track
  2. The drums are made with Analog Lab V and the synth is Jup 8 I believe, both are part of the Arturia Collection V. I also put neutron and ozone on it. Let me know what you think
  3. Music Video of the song Victorious by Mozex
  4. I was not able to create a new account so I will just post the tracks in this topic. All my future songs will go into this one topic. I listened to some of my old songs and thought they were not so bad. I then removed the drum and made a better one. I tried to mix the whole better I created layers and made variations in these layers I used Neutrone on each track and master buss and ozone on masterbus I completely changed the song and this is the result: Victorious by Mozex:
  5. Coming soon to this page also, the label Heavenly Sounds. I will have to create a new account for it since its a gathering of all my works. All my alter ego's. All composers that are me. You will find works of Jimmy Eyckmans (Soundtracks) Mozex (Older Pop/Edm songs at the start, but Mozex will rise up one day again) The Mad Scientist (Dance kind of songs) and C-Rap (I found some old Rap Instrumentals and decided to baptise them C-Rap. Yes I know what it spells 🙂 ) The only thing necessary to do this is 5 dollar to create the account and I will do so on monday probably when I have the money. So... ...Get Ready.
  6. Yeah I am banned there because my songs had nothing to do with christianity and were considered spam. and here they are considered christian because they have a christian title. I get it.
  7. This song tells the story of all that will be left behind when Jesus comes to save those that believe in Him.
  8. We sometimes have a hard time. In faith, when all seems lost, when things go wrong. We have to prevail no matter the cost. I will prevail. http://mozex.bandcamp.com/track/i-will-prevail
  9. This song tells the story of how Jesus comes to Earth. There is written that He will wonder if there is still faith. This is how this story sounds.
  10. I will put my more classical kind of tunes here:
  11. Finished and reuploaded the song: In the Mood for Something Good. You can listen to it now in the post above.
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