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  1. sounds very constructive and instinctive at the same time, well done in any case!👌
  2. ho yeah, it's a good sign, he was a great visionary, I think he really "brought" something new… Good mix, I like the destruction of clubbed to death to the noise abyss!!
  3. Good alien track…it sound a little bit like "Qebrus" sometimes… it breaks my head as i like 😉
  4. it's a really good track, maybe it's a little bit too short (we want to listen more, it's a bit frustrating), you could let some ambient nap in the middle of the track without any beat during 2 or 3 minutes maybe, it could be pretty good in my opinion… anyway, well done
  5. Hi dude, good track, i'm listening to your sound cloud… pretty good stuff!
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