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  1. sd laika: plural noun people of good taste and good manners, regarded as the chief group of people to be considered good singers. "there were no good sd laikas in the orchestra"
  2. oh shit you can make words as well. nice. i made one: instruation. noun. 1. a process in which the growth and differentiation of cells begin to occur when an adherent is introduced to the blood. it actually does a good job in creating a "really hard to know it's fake" word.
  3. nice. can probably use these as a devil's dictionary-type article or book.
  4. i generally dislike bitchy people and people who desire control like people in the ousa. then again there's a melting pot of people in the usao so its generally a good sight. in hindsight, ousao is kinda capitalistic and needing for economy and more people to work in economy and to mesh into this facade, best expressed in mothers. i like it here because i have a chance to hate what america does and not hate what america does, and without no recourse because of hiding away, but, just like the imaginative realm of ouaso, there is differing opinions in everyone, even to themselves. there's just a bunch of ants in a jar starting wars in a big space but with a lid keeping us from progressing, but when we go out of a jar we're in another jar. just fucking being trapped forever and then we have to recourse into eating dust. its cool though.
  5. transmit at least a weird exclusive vinyl single
  6. i was a little skeptical at first but now i can clearly tell this is sean
  7. pretty good release. very memorable. do need to get the vinyl however. i dont know if i can. i have literally no more room.
  8. What is great is that you're making these in rapid succession. I guess its a perk from social distancing. I like all of these tracks but probably make the kicks little louder and bring up the hats a tiny tiny bit on portal 505 and elseworlds to make it more stable, esp. the closed hats. I have my volume at adequate range to hear the song, and i feel like the hats are drowned out by the other elements in the song. Don't make it too bright and dissonant though, still try to achieve the bassiness of the songs. Overall, this is very good. I like mixes between ambient and acid and dnb. Very eclectic, makes me feel energetic.
  9. I am a big fan of the timestretched blips and blops you put on facecast. I'm a sucker for plunderphonics and stuff like this so I'm excited. The guitar is a great touch as well. Great mixing, not too bright but not too dark. I like.
  10. I think he mixed bitch better have my money with some hardcore techno shit. I think it was on field day. yeah it is
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