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  1. LMAO Thanks for all the recommendations folks, I have alot to work with. I'll report back within the next few days but I also don't want to overwhelm my buddy.
  2. Yea I think I'm gonna send them some nasenbluten or delta 9.
  3. Oh my god this is the best thing I have ever fucking seen
  4. They really likd ATR. I'm gonna have them listen to more records from digital hardcore recordings and send them some industrial strength records for good measure.. Any suggestions of what sort of shocking shit I could send them? My immediate impulse is Oneohtrix Point Never since he's my fav, but considering how cheesy r+7 can be at times that may not be a great pick lol..
  5. WOW okay I just found this album, this is another must-listen holy fuuuuck
  6. Upgraded my description because even if I'm not active here I believe in this site and its history.

  7. I was thinking kraftwerk/throbbing gristle might be good, atari teenage riot aswell... Hopefully more ppl post here and I can make this a whole story about getting my buddy into electronic music. It goes both ways though, I'm woefully under-experienced in rock music.
  8. All the time I get friends who never listen to electronic music, and I always want to try to get them into it. Most of the time they're open to trying it, just inexperienced in it. Any recommendations on artists/albums/genres/songs to share to pique their interest? This has happened multiple times for me but the current friend is especially into the following bands: Nirvana, Dead Kennedys, Weezer, Black Flag, and Soundgarden.
  9. Pretty kool. I was kinda disappointed by the lack of progression, but since you said this was made in just a few days I figure it's not an issue. I quite likes the mix of digital and live drums. Forgot to add, good luck with the album launch!
  10. Takes a bit to get interesting and sounds a bit corny... Sorry if that's harsh but I feel being honest is typically better than lying. That being said, I think some of your synths are really pretty. I just don't like your choice in beat and how you present everything. Good effort!
  11. The more I listen to this album the more I can't help but agree with the criticism levied towards it... It's a shame the direction OPN has started to go in. Particularly, what spooks me the most is that this was his most predictable record to date. It makes sense for him to have made this after Age Of. Whereas every record before was him toying with sounds he had never used before. The sample chops of replica, to the sleek retro-futurism of r+7, to the dark hypergrunge of garden of delete, to the cult like cyber-rnb of age of.. None of it sounded like what came before it. This is the first album where I can understand exactly the progression between the albums. It disappoints me in retrospect and I worry for his musical future. However, on the bright side, other artists have been picking up the slack and continuing some of OPN's past strains of music incredibly well. In particular I want to point to 2 specific albums for fans who'd like to hear more. First off, Maxwell Sterlings gorgeous new record which is his most polished to date. It sounds an incredible amount like r+7 and is amazing in it's own right. In my opinion it takes the sounds OPN toyed with on that record and pushes them even further into the realms of psychedelia. A must-listen for anyone itching for that 2013-2014 OPN sound. Another record I'd like to recommend is James Ferraro's latest installment of his "Mirai" series. Ferraro is good friends with OPN, and their sounds have seen parallels at many points in eachothers respective careers. This record in particular sounds incredibly similar to Garden of Delete, with similar sounds laced throughout. If you don't believe me, listen to "mutant standard" and then listen to "x."
  12. This was recorded for Garden of Delete (sort of.. it was the pre-GoD sessions that led him to the sound of the record.) but didn't make it onto the album proper. But, you're in luck. A few years later it was re-purposed for the Good Times soundtrack! It sounds decidedly less Garden of Delete-y but it's still excellent nonetheless.
  13. d'Eon aswell. Idk if he can be considered IDM but he atleast gets an honorary mention for doing the music for keyboards series. https://twitter.com/ddddddeon/status/1390809271345029120?s=20
  14. I assumed this was gonna be a thread for those weird paparazi stalkers pics we get of people like Kanye. Walking around in the daylight unbothered & unaware.
  15. post somthn better rather then complaining
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