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  1. Thank goodness. I'll have to wait till that gets here.
  2. just ordered the squarepusher lp and to my utter dismay, it does not come with a digital download
  3. I only rewatch TV shows anymore, which is kinda stupid imo. Avid movie watcher, but I've never been musch for shows. Does anyone know any very good tv shows? Especially horror related.
  4. Damn you're right it does. Wonder if this was a sample or just a subconscious influence, or if it's just total coincidence.
  5. Why did warp sign this??? It's not awful, but it's not very good either. Very middle of the road. I don't see why they would think "we need this."
  6. I didn't see this. I actually think that's a great idea, makes me real tempted to buy a digital copy. It gives it a more "authentic" rave sound, which is super neat IMO. ex: fav 90s breakcore band was all 8-bit.
  7. ahahahahahahhahaha. That's a fucking amazing story, I love that what the fuck. They deserved it anyways, what sort of dumbass puts anti piracy measures on an audio cd? ahahahahaha I'll give you 10 bucks if you can find that review I really wanna read it now.
  8. If I ran a music review channel, I'd only review things I like. If I had to listen to music I didn't like as my job I think I'd die.
  9. That video really shocked me. Is there any safe way I could store my records, as he advises not getting rid of them? I just have them on my shelf rn which i guess may not be the safest way to hold them according to this video. Also, SUPER shocked this isn't talked about more. This is a pretty serious issue, and it seems like all music fans should know about this.
  10. Bruhhhhh I'm getting a job at a record shop soon. Hope this doesn't effect that.
  11. Juuuuuust watched parasite. It was amazing! I don't wanna spoil anything though... But seriously, if you haven't already go watch parasite!!
  12. Nothing wrong with making things on a computer. As long as it sounds good, that's all that matters.
  13. I like ufabulum because it's hard and fast. harder and faster then the other stuff i've heard. and the songs that aren't fast are really hard, like dark steering.
  14. Squarepusha's yo fucking daddy.....makes different styles of drum n bass
  15. It's just what I've heard man!! I'm getting my way thru his discography....slowly.
  16. Squarepusher ranked (based on what I have heard so far.) Ufabulum Go Plastic Be Up A Hello Do You Know Squarepusher Normal Hard Daddy Enstrobia Sorry if I have the wrong opinion on the ranking or whatever. I also just listened to Damogen Furies, but I'll have to listen to it again before knowing where it would go on my ranking.
  17. Go plastic and do you know squarepusher are the first 2 i heard. both excellent releases, though i usually stop listening to do you know squarepusher after love will tear us apart. the live segments just make the album sound messy to me.
  18. Been making my way thru his discography slowly. It's all pretty good.Very quality d'n'b.
  19. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this. It's actually pretty decent. I wonder if grimes helped him with it.
  20. I have not! Not well versed in his music yet, only listened to a handful of albums and 1 ep. If you have any reccs for more of his music I'd love to hear it.
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