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  1. Whenever i ask someone what their favorite OPN album is, they almost always say r+7. That's just from personal encounters tho! I might be completely wrong.
  2. Oneohtrix Point Never is scoring another film! The last one he scored was Good Time in 2018. Just like that one, this is being released by A24. The film is called "Uncut Gems," and stars Adam Sandler(?!), Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian, and Judd Hirsch. You can read more about it on A24's site right here.
  3. this site is confusing but cool.

  4. Agreed but it's *generally* considered his best. And, there are some tracks like americans, he she, and chrome country that i sometimes just have on repeat.
  5. i know this was already answered but i disagreed with the answer. I would say r+7 is the best starting place. It's (to my knowledge creeping forums and such) his most liked album, this is the best starting place.
  6. UPDATE: Obtained scans of the quasi-libretto, soon to obtain a physical(!) copy. Anyone willing to help crop the scans? I don't have any software capable of doing these things. (Editing PDF files.) If you're able to help, please shoot me a dm on twitter!
  7. Not this specific link, but the images that the art is from has been.
  8. It already has! That M.Y.R.I.A.D show was the final one. The myriadic saga is over, with all the EPs being released, and all the M.Y.R.I.A.D shows being finished. Really liked how narrative driven this release was, hope the next one continues that trend.
  9. That sucks if it's true. Rudnick did an excellent job with them. Also, those weird voices inbetween songs say these things: "Utopia, your mothers murderer. A hollow cell stands before you." "Project soul; a sing drop, the stage of Elysium. She cannot let it go." "The silence of the forest, engraved into history. A late medieval ballad (author unknown) will revolutionize the world. All in the name of true nature." "Shadows to the void. Nature - reveal the storm, reveal the citadel." "welcome back to the new nightmare. The moon shines brightly upon puppet. Held by the strings of his own captors." "The raven laughs; transcending history and the world. For your greatest obsession. Is none other than yourself." As for what any of that means, this stuff would make alot more sense if I could see what it's referring too, but since i couldn't see the LA M.Y.R.I.A.D show i'll just go off of what I know. The new nightmare refers to the age of Bondage, the fourth epoch of M.Y.R.I.A.D. Puppet is a character (in my eyes the protagonist) of this epoch. He can be seen in the black snow music video, and in that one OPN press shot. His "captors" I think refers to the nine squares, which are basically infinite beings of wisdom and power. M.Y.R.I.A.Ds gods pretty much. That's all I can explain, with any certainty. I can theorize about the other stuff but aaaa idk. (P.S., if this long ass post breaks any guidelines I'm sorry, I'm super new 2 watmm xd)
  10. They're on the opn subreddit somewhere. Trying really had to get some scans of them or even better, obtain one. Unfortunately it seems like nobody online has one. And if they do, they flat out refuse to scan it.
  11. I wouldn't be able to buy a copy of/scans of the libretto from you or anybody else, would I?
  12. That sounds rad! Let's hope that it ends up being put up somewhere. Did you end up snagging a libretto?
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