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  1. falling down a bottomless pit of explanation here, i do love when people get mad/defensive/start calling people a dick just cuz of their own inability to follow the thread of a conversation. but who has the time to pay attention to context these days. person a. says "Wonder if it's an intentional nod to Rephlex" person b. says "Prob more likely the coronavirus? lol" (so hilarious) person c.(me) says "nah, been up over a year" (the ep page itself, not the artist page, not the tracks being available to dl or stream, just the release page itself) assumed this was obvious to fans/followers of eod or ppl who know how bandcamp works, my mistake there was a pic of a cat and it said "out feb 2020" or "out march 2020" or "out early 2020", can't remember exactly what it said but the point is it was up a year ago. you could click on the release on the discography page of eod and then sit there, look at the cat, scratch yr head for a min and then get on with yr day. whats so confusing? was just saying it wasnt a "nod" to the corona and then a couple people started getting all real and confused, holy. cool as a cucumber up the arch bishops butt here folks, just enjoying the ep and really loving track 5 in particular. honestly sorry if anybody misunderstood, not trying to be a dick.
  2. or this maybe? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currency_sign_(typography)
  3. the page, not the tracks... how could it be a nod to covid if the page and symbol existed well over a year ago? more likely a nod to rephlex like ni64 said. perhaps it is a nod to some virus, but this bandcamp page existed well over a year ago, tracks released yesterday. comprendi? repeated myself for clarity
  4. nah, been up over a year. was a pic of a kitty til a few days ago
  5. i see that as a sign that he plans on pursuing soundtracks long term, and not just a passing curiosity for him. its makes sense that he would try to make the distinction cuz he prly doesnt want to convolute the opn alias too much as that sound is already pretty diverse by this point, sort of a symptom of his always shifting direction with each subsequent release and clearly not wanting to repeat himself very often. maybe he should release some stuff under his other monikers like dania shapes or total system point never. anyways i would love to see dan doing soundtracks when he's like in his 70s and 80s, à la morricone, carpenter etc. but i'll be dead by then for sure a sound i would like him to repeat a bit would be that metal drill-n-blast thingy from the commissions ep but thats just me
  6. track 17, title track "Uncut Gems". been trying to think of a good circumcision joke for weeks now but unfortunately nothing yet 8[ wasn't super into good time ost as a stand alone release aside from a few tracks myself but absolutely loved the way that music worked in the film as whole. this one seems to stand on it's own a little better imo. definitely getting vangelis vibes similarly to how the tangerine dream was all over good time. i really like how he's exploring his favourite film composer influences by actually making legit soundtracks himself, also getting some geinoh, ryuichi vibes here and there. what others influences, that are obvious, are you guys hearing? was a little conflicted about listening to this b4 seeing the movie but glad i did, its not like i could resist for too long anyways and the movie prly wont be avail on disc for another 4-6 mnths sooo....
  7. very cool! that annette track is sick, thanks herr 8]
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