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  1. Low Budget Aliens - Junk DNA Critical Amnesia - Critical Amnesia Bellows - Undercurrent Aloy Sea - Petrichor CS + Kreme - Snoopy Jon Collin & Demdike Stare - Sketches of Everything LOG - LOG ET3RNAL Potter Natalizia Zen - Magari Serwed - Serwed II Slikback - /// Special Guest DJ - Spring Summer 2020 Virtualdemonlaxative - Virtualdemonlaxative Autchre - SIGN Rian Treanor - File Under UK Metaplasm Andras - Joyful Ben Bondy - Sibling Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Duma - Duma Sightless Pit - Grave of a Dog Synalegg - Beating the Odds Ulla - Tumbling Towards a Wall Zenker Brothers - Cosmic Transmission
  2. Untamed was good. picks up where Possession left off
  3. found this list on mubi: https://mubi.com/lists/electronic-music-documentaries
  4. not sure, just had a look. i found a copy on a sharing site but that was long ago. there's also a german bluray but without english subtitles.
  5. not too in depth but there's this doco which focuses on a few german artists (my interest was mainly Roman Flugel). contains some scenes of them messing around in their studios.
  6. really enjoying this new track agree with the general sentiment that 32 levels wasn't up to par. only a few tracks held it together for me whereas this seems to be more of what he's so good at. i like the EQing/mixing in this track with that snare kinda separated and hovering somewhere above the rest of the mix.
  7. soup


    thanks for the welcomes, and thank you sheatheman, i'm always looking for new ways to work with ableton.
  8. i've always loved a lot of adult swim shows and am ashamed to say i just discovered Joe Pera. diving into the 10 episodes.
  9. good to hear, gonna have to check it. David Michod made two gems with Animal Kingdom and The Rover.
  10. preordered Death Stranding for the useless gold extras. looks like The Turin Horse in video game form, quite divisive reviews wise. pretty keen to dive in come 5 days. I really enjoyed MGSV gameplay so i'll probably dig it.
  11. soup


    hello from melbourne, australia. been a lurker forever but now i wanna post some shiz. i love electronic music and wrestle with ableton sometimes.
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