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  1. Neuro... No Neuro - Scans Scans is a masterpiece in exactly disconnected electronic music. In Kirk’s words … “Starting from the very first track, Scan One is actually the composition that brought this album’s theme to fruition. In the beginning of the year 2011, I had agreed to get an MRI scan to check for a brain tumor that had been removed twice before (recurrent atypical meningioma). The tumor had returned and plans for a third brain surgery were set into motion. Each of these tracks portrays a particular mental or emotional state throughout the process. From the delivery of the news through the results of the craniotomy; from the radiation treatment’s side effects to the overall issues that arose from this procedure (mild loss of speech/memory, behavioral changes, and simple-partial epileptic seizures with various aura types). Living from one moment to the next, the recovery from this series of events to feeling something close to “normal” has placed the production of this album at the forefront of my mind for several years. To be able to finally produce the sounds and feelings that I’ve wanted to convey as accurately as I can has been a pure joy." http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB091/AB091.htm https://ab-nnn.bandcamp.com/album/scans
  2. https://itail-tt.bandcamp.com/album/awake-asleep Awake / Asleep attempts to find that elusive place between wakefulness and sleep. As the first song fades into a crescendo, the sound seems to fill the room with thick frequencies, that are as organic as they are mechanical, while Itai’s vocals eventually find their way into the mix as if to find a human voice within the machine. Bio Itai is a multi-instrumentalist and analogue electronic-music composer. Piecing together fragments of moments that otherwise would be forever lost, he uses an analogue modular synthesizer which he has spent countless hours assembling. The result is a musical portal into worlds that disappear as quickly as they form. In an age where technology has made music into a commodity, Itai tries to capture the ephemeral nature of analogue electronic music by suspending moments that will never form again. Instruments Analog Modular Synthesizer: Moog, Noise Engineering, Make Noise, Malekko Heavy Industries, Mutable Instruments, Retro Mechanical Labs, Bastl Instruments, Pittsburgh Modular Acoustic Instruments: Piano (Lovesick Bombs), acoustic guitar (Gimme Candy), drums (Adream) http://www.truthtable.co.uk/
  3. Deep electronic and vocoder vocals provide a sense of emotional disconnect. Format: Digital Download - Bandcamp HERE Tracklisting: 1. Drop Forged 2. Ravine River 3. Shipwreck 4. Sly 5. Bog 6. Glue BIO Valentine Yakovlev alias Talipes Valgus is a remarkable composer from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is in love with lazy beats and sampling instruments to a near infinite number of times to create rare sounds. Breathing vocals with a luminous background until everything turns to a beautiful melancholic and unpredictably sly tune. He takes inspiration from contemporary fine art. Valentine believes in the notion that fine art and music can’t live without each other just like Cola and BigMac. In particular, ’Sly’ was inspired by fine art of Brendan Monroe, who kindly agreed to use his work for the cover. SLY Sly provides a soft pulsating glow and naive young spirit mood, it builds into a thunderous theme full of the beauty of natural phenomena and fever. As it progresses tender synth keys emerge and the blur of a robot voice. Sly is a story about rhythmic beginnings leading to the placid, but unavoidable process of decay. Analogue hardware: guitar Fender Stratocaster, microphone Shure SM58, midi keyboard Roland A-49 Software: Ableton 10 www.truthtable.co.uk
  4. Loving this album - got it on repeat in the car on CD! Standout track that I'm addicted to is the opening - Lamellae Tear - lazy funk, brutal funk - all in one! There are an extra 4 bars injected in around 2 mins 7 seconds with a mini break down/swoosh that give me pure joy! Great work Belumvreak
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