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  1. wow nice!. expensive tho... what is the bike next to half a car lol
  2. This is quite exiciting. It could be good at generating a better psychiatrist for myself
  3. what i mean by this is theres no sense of excape or adventure in which the audiance is participating in like LOTR (lord of the rings) theres always a breaching into another place and its vast enouth to inspire the viewer. Theres nothing like that in lynch's MD. thanks for the reply. I see it more like groundhog day as shifts. Doesn't really shift like the way you want it to. That said i'm not dissing Groundhog Day. Look, its not the worst film out there. I might watch it again if they have it on a plane or something. But other than that. No.
  4. why. the film is off the rails when it goes too far out of hollywood. they should have just cut the scenes out.
  5. i remeber liking the chocolate wheel-chair one, 'getto body buddy' got me through some rough times. it will get better 🙂
  6. hmm, i can't take from that at all . why be so negative about a group in their own dedicated thread .
  7. Yeah man i've gone though depression where only v snares would cheer me up. Sad times. Give plaid another try in a better mood. Hope you find something in them because they have gorgeous tracks/albums . they are like the only thing i litsen to now
  8. well considering the films title is 'mulholland drive' and 'mulholland drive' is the basis of the plot twist im not completely wrong. Its very geographicly boring. Lost Highway I will say is OK just because of the NIN theme. never seen Inland Empire and I dont want to
  9. uh, look man, i'm not being recieved well because he is worshiped so much, but you dont know how much you're getting manipulated. But to me, eraserhead film brought me into lynch just cus of the opening sequencing. Watching that while stoned and liking that my first girlfriend actually wanted to watch eraserhead with me is probably my most satisfying 'edgyness' as a lynchian personal claim (she never watched it with me, just wanted to, she was actually more into films like breakfast club so i stayed off her idea of it), but apart from that im just sort of on the fense about him. Most of his films want to have this sort of provoking emotion to them... Twin peaks is more a lot more commerial and Mark Frost did the role of making him more accessible, and though its a heartwarming show it just lacks a level of abstraction you might find in a Werner Herzog film for example. or Andre Tarkovsky . and it just shows his weakness to dumb down himself for a commercial break. I mean I feel the new season is trying to make a interlecutal political statement at the final episode... its just weak. I mean theres plenty of accedemic films been made on the same vein of Eraserhead but it just completes all the formulars of what true entertainment should be, its naive in its own way, doesn't need meaning or any provoking emotional impact which he got probably due to reading the bible mid eraserhead and wanting to do science fiction. - Again i am not looking for hate here i just can't see why you can like him so much, I love the geography aspects in twin peaks. But the rest of his works dont even have that, I remeber mulholland drive just being in a single appartment or something. I mean he did a Car advert for shits sake. why all the facepalms for having a taste? if its just struck a chord you might interactively like this and move onto better directors or even better things in life like videogames. at the end of the day movies are just lying there you just observe
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