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  1. Thanks for listening Dub3000, really glad you liked what you heard. Vinyl has sold realy well so far, but the last few copies are winging their way to rough trade, norman records and juno, should anyone be interested.
  2. I've had a few LPs out before which were (very) briefly mentioned around these parts before so I thought I'd drop a line about the latest one. This is from the Norman Records website... 'Heat Death’ marries conceptual elements of decaying life with heavenly electronic music soundscapes. A stirring mix of IDM, ambient, downtempo and ambient techno is on full display here, as the atmospheric melodies and rhythmic pulses conjure dwindling form with a touch of catharsis. Fans of Boards of Canada, Arovane and Plaid should enjoy ‘Heat Death’ a tonne. Available as download or limited vinyl (label has very few copies left) on bandcamp. Having sold out it should be restocked by Norman Records, Rough Trade, and Juno before long. Heat Death by DALHAM
  3. System was incredible and a bit underrated I thought. Can't wait to hear this, thanks for the heads up.
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