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  1. Just finished it. Seasons 1-3, the set up. 4-6, the mindf*ck. Originally watched Seasons 1-3 via Blockbuster DVD by mail service (Most people don't remember that is how Netflix started, DVD by mail), moved to California, and wasn't able to watch live. I rewatched 1-3, and finally finished it. I cannot think of anything else that would grip me the way this show has. I do like Stranger Things, but Season 3 entered jumping the shark territory. Hopefully they can course correct.
  2. Today only: Hotflush Recordings - Bandcamp Pay What You Feel
  3. 5 years since the last release, I'm happy to hear anything.
  4. Digital available: https://moonwiringclub.bandcamp.com/album/ghastly-garden-centres
  5. Very lush environment, listen with proper headphones. At times snarling, synth-laden machine funk. Reminiscent of 'Double Figure' by Plaid (this is much darker) with elements of acid, and too many other characteristics to list. Quality release.
  6. Indeed - track titles from TH include 'Reach For The Dead', 'Sick Times', 'Collapse', 'Nothing Is Real', 'Come To Dust'. I recommend listening to the Geogaddi Japanese bonus track, if you haven't: 'From One Source All Things Depend'
  7. I really like this. It is similar to Tomorrow's Harvest, in the sense that it feels like it is somewhat of a warning or perhaps a soundtrack to a plan of action that has been engaged. Minimal and carefully thought out. Nothing lingers too long, 14 songs over 48 minutes.
  8. This feels like something entirely different from the rest of their catalog, and it is my favorite release of theirs - which is not a light statement, as they are second to none. The Campfire Headphase was an odd side-step, and really seems like they were sort of imitating themselves. I like it, but it seems to run parallel to the other LPs, not part of the progression, or the narrative if you like. They finally connected the dots on this release, and were foretelling our current reality. It is also paired with the mysteries of The Island on Lost, in my mind. If they don't release anything else, I'm fine with that, as this is the perfect bookend to one of the most interesting groups ever.
  9. This ticks all the boxes. Feels like an extension of Tomorrow's Harvest, but it is unique and stands on its' own. Previews here: https://soundcloud.com/fonolith/the-gulffire-mission-tapes-vol-i-preview
  10. I didn't know about this, thank you. He responded to some questions I emailed him in the early 2000s and sent me a cdr of Golden Sun prior to the release. I remember him name dropping LP5 by Autechre and October Rust by Type O Negative as being things he was into at the time. Really nice guy. Ascend is my favorite of his. I also found a copy of Orion by Limp in San Diego, who he was in with Syntaks (check out Ylajali if you haven't yet).
  11. I still like the 3 demo songs that were made available best, especially track 1, but it is a really enjoyable listen.
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