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  1. Yes, Bandcamp please! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1CLENvO_90&list=OLAK5uy_l4Y5-vPaUC0qssGrxZKllEamTSVJcw7iY
  2. This is very intriguing. I like the three demos best of everything I've heard by this artist. This was released last October, Xoop being the last track.
  3. Last Days of Silence and the Remixes albums are not to be missed, either. I go back to these constantly.
  4. Perhaps something a bit more interesting: https://moonwiringclub.bandcamp.com/
  5. All CZARFACE releases are brilliant. Love the newest, Ghostface collab.
  6. I'd have to be stoned out of my mind to be remotely interested in this, and I'm not even sure that would do it for me. The vocals detract, the fact that there is an instrumental version is proof enough. All of his output though well produced, is uninspired, boring, and generic. It all feels like some sort of student project: create a product, graphic design, web presence, etc.
  7. 3 weeks after the release: when considering Plaid albums by decade, though there are gems on all of them, Polymer is their strongest since 2010. I also repurchased Trainer, as it somehow disappeared from my library - and that has been interesting to revisit while taking in the new sounds. Ed & Andy really have covered a lot of bases over the course of their career, and it has been a very interesting journey along the way.
  8. Two Lone Swordsmen - Stay Down Purchased during the Warp30 50% off sale last weekend. Something like this would never be created today, I quite like it. "... rather than leading electronic sounds down the path of their own conventions, the album shapes them into compositions that could just as easily be performed on organic instruments, meaning that the use of intricate production and sound manipulation is really just the texture of the recording, rather than its raison d'etre. It's an approach that's not used as often as many listeners might wish -- and as Stay Down once again demonstrates, it's an approach that typically makes for excellent albums." https://www.allmusic.com/album/stay-down-mw0000049512
  9. This is incredible.
  10. I completely agree, and this is one more quality release to obtain. Digital variant available today in the US via bleep, itunes, etc.
  11. Released 05.31.19 - Gecophonic Audio Systems I only found out about this artist 1 week ago. His back catalog is quite bizarre, this being his most accessible release. It has a similar haunted house Freescha / Night Feels / Terror Train aesthetic: Lo-Fi beats paired with spooky synths. From Bleep: "Another set of Ghost Box-style strangeness from Ian Hodgson’s Moon Wiring Club here. Ghastly Garden Centres sees Hodgson getting green fingers by exploring the latent weirdness of the garden centre. Trip-hop, breakbeat, dub, downtempo, jazz and more are all bundled together on this set of hauntological oddball electronics. The quintessentially British feel of Ghastly Garden Centres means that you can file it alongside the likes of Mr. Scruff and The Gasman. Scattered across 22 spectral tracks — each brandishing screwed-up techno and ramshackle house sensibilities as their misshapen tools — the many vignettes of Ghastly Garden Centres by Moon Wiring Club (Ian Hodgson) brings to life a distinctly British sort of dilapidation. Taking its cues from Ghost Box’s edgeland futurism, trip hop and dub beats droop ever-lower into their downtrodden sway, as spectral presences dip in and out of earshot like potentiality just beyond grasp."
  12. Yes, LP please. I finally got around to this one, loving it. B12 are simply legendary in my book.
  13. Lot of used CDs purchased on Ebay for $37.00 USD. Everything ripped perfectly. Bold titles indicate those I was most interested in, having already owned the Global Goon, Wagon Christ, and Plaid releases. Global Goon - Vatican Nitez Wagon Christ - The Power Of Love / Tally Ho! / Musipal Luke Vibert - Big Soup Plaid - Peel Session / Double Figure μ-Ziq - Tango N' Vectif / Salsa With Mesquite / Urmur Bile Trax Volumes 1 & 2 / The Fear Autechre - Basscad, EP Mira Calix - Prickle Ovuca - King Stacey Bogdan Raczynski - Ibiza Anthems Vol. 4 / Alright! D'Arcangelo - Shipwreck Boom Bip - Seed To Sun Various Artists - Warp Routine (Warp) Various Artists - wap100 We Are Reasonable People (Warp) Various Artists - The Braindance Coincidence (Rephlex) Various Artists - Mealtime (Planet Mu)
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