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  1. WOW, thank you very much, will take some time off to read it in depth. No pressure but, as a Max/MSP student nowadays myself, that part of the feature would be great to have! 🙂
  2. Thanks!! I've been looking for the way to find someone translating this for days!
  3. Oslo is one the best live albums I've heard in the last 25 years, on any genre, period. Amazing, really amazing, sutile, powerful. Also lovely the Drane2 ghost at the end of the set. Honest thanks to s&r, this album has convinced and motivated me to start my own journey making music on my late 30s. Fuck.
  4. not enough free time to listen them yet.. are these good as in "cool! this is new autechre music so it's good!" or as in "this shit is album level"?
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