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  1. Been messing around with some intense algorithmic workflows. Modulating the fuck out of an FM drum stack. A lot of hit or miss but I feel like I like where this is going creatively with chance discovery over flawed purpose.
  2. Another new one more just basic Glomewav style. Nothing too experimental. Basic melodic.
  3. Made an industrial track for shits n giggles. Think it turned out aight.
  4. Appreciate the feedback. I've been messing with compression a little too much. Maybe overdoing it squashing some bits too heavily. Definitely a better mix in my next track! Thanks again Another new sketch
  5. I've been THC free for 10 days. It certainly adds a new dynamic to my process but finally managed to be inspired to create something new.
  6. An acid track made with the MC-707 and TB-03
  7. Glad you like. It is a bit shimmery! Here's a another ambient piece. More of an improv.
  8. Haven't done an Ambient track in a while
  9. Pretty experimental for me. Mostly messing with simple wave shapes.
  10. A BoC flavored track made with an MC-707, RE-1 tape machine, WOOTT compression.
  11. Thanks. Not super happy with it but did learn many things along the way. I can get to this point with sometimes too much effort but taming these generative monsters to be more musical is the next step I still need to figure out.
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