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  1. Glad you like. It is a bit shimmery! Here's a another ambient piece. More of an improv.
  2. Haven't done an Ambient track in a while
  3. Pretty experimental for me. Mostly messing with simple wave shapes.
  4. A BoC flavored track made with an MC-707, RE-1 tape machine, WOOTT compression.
  5. Thanks. Not super happy with it but did learn many things along the way. I can get to this point with sometimes too much effort but taming these generative monsters to be more musical is the next step I still need to figure out.
  6. and now for an Autechre inspired track:
  7. Haven't made a breakcore track in a while. Here's the newest:
  8. Another new one https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/TyMobYvu3X2Wa5ge8
  9. New track. I think it turned out pretty nice. Kinda jazzy.
  10. I have a new EP coming out 1-1-21. Mostly ambient aside from a sort of experimental acid track. Here's the trailer.
  11. Thanks! Yes I do. And as of this week I am learning to animate fractals also.
  12. Made a song and video. Learning Mandelbulber
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