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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll shop around. Or I may just do cds. I like the idea of a local screen printer or even DIY on cardboard jackets with stickers
  2. I have a 6 track (around 10 mins per side) ep I was wanting to get pressed to vinyl and distribute to some local record shops and my bandcamp. I thought 10" was the way to go so I got a quote from pirate press. I knew it would be high but was not expecting $1,500 for 100ea with artwork. Should I go back and get a quote for 12" 45rpm instead? Or is this about the average cost for a short run? I wasn't expecting to actually make money doing this but at least the potential to break even would be nice. Am I looking at this the wrong way? I know I could just do cassettes because they're all the rag
  3. "The iconic Bass Station II" That's what we're calling the bass station now?
  4. New track. Might be a little weird but I like it.
  5. My ambient EP is finished. Now back to faster tempos. https://glomewav.bandcamp.com/album/percy-iboga-sandwich-stash
  6. Been working on whittling down the 20 ambient tracks above to something more concise. LP or EP. Maybe 5-7 of the tracks are keepers. Any feedback on that effort is appreciated. While I'm stepping away from those tracks for a bit I had to up the tempo and do something a bit different. Here it is. Breakbeats and Falcor. Two of my favorite things.
  7. Lately I've found I've been getting more done on just my MC-707 in conjunction with a dash of some generative midi tools on the ipad and FX. I rarely get anything done at pure sound design and envy those who have the patience to do it.
  8. Oh and here's a year long chronography of what I've been up to. When my free space on soundcloud fills up I release LPs through distrokid. Hopefully they show a proficiency and progression. Hopefully this isn't viewed as spam or anything. I'm not trying to make it as an artist. I just have a genuine need to produce music I enjoy listening to and with our only child on her way to college I find I really enjoy doing this in my free time more so than anything else. This was my first real cumulative effort to kind of make a cohesive piece. I's not perfect. I think my mixing and programmi
  9. Thanks Lapdog and glad you liked it! Newest track. Hard to describe. Weird step lengths. Chill little guy.
  10. New breakcore'ish IDM'ish but always dawless.
  11. I think making a singular thread to share my music is more tidy and less intrusive. Here's a couple new tracks I'm somewhat proud of:
  12. Appreciate the listen. It's a mid level gem as far as earlyish aphex goes. The only other track from the era I'm interested / capable of covering is CAT 00897-AA1. Soon
  13. I initially had some of the patches in this song as placeholders while I did my best to tabulate the midi notes for this and kinda tweaked from there. The original must have some microtuning because I could not be bothered to tune into the notes precisely. I may take another pass at it with some orchestral style patches. Made with a Boog for bass, SH-01a for the violin stuff, JP-08 for the tape machine pads, and Volca Bass through a bunch of FX for possibly the most annoying part of the song sound wise. Sequenced and beats with an MC-707. Master track was also sent to a tape machin
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