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  1. New track. I think it turned out pretty nice. Kinda jazzy.
  2. I have a new EP coming out 1-1-21. Mostly ambient aside from a sort of experimental acid track. Here's the trailer.
  3. Thanks! Yes I do. And as of this week I am learning to animate fractals also.
  4. Made a song and video. Learning Mandelbulber
  5. Saw this clip on twitter twitter.com/NYCFireWire/status/…75379010609152?s=20 had to sample and make a track channelling my best BoC impersonation.
  6. You're not kidding. It's really hit or miss trying to make something musical when stacking so many time signatures at the same time. And I also agree. It's a bit too long.
  7. Just discovered this gem today. Features all the IDM greats. all te
  8. I've been working hard on a batch of tracks that utilize polyrhythms extensively. This one has a lot of granular going on too.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll shop around. Or I may just do cds. I like the idea of a local screen printer or even DIY on cardboard jackets with stickers
  10. I have a 6 track (around 10 mins per side) ep I was wanting to get pressed to vinyl and distribute to some local record shops and my bandcamp. I thought 10" was the way to go so I got a quote from pirate press. I knew it would be high but was not expecting $1,500 for 100ea with artwork. Should I go back and get a quote for 12" 45rpm instead? Or is this about the average cost for a short run? I wasn't expecting to actually make money doing this but at least the potential to break even would be nice. Am I looking at this the wrong way? I know I could just do cassettes because they're all the rag
  11. "The iconic Bass Station II" That's what we're calling the bass station now?
  12. New track. Might be a little weird but I like it.
  13. My ambient EP is finished. Now back to faster tempos. https://glomewav.bandcamp.com/album/percy-iboga-sandwich-stash
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