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  1. Sounds rich and dynamic with full on rhythms - so far the Ricardo Tobar - After The Movie remix is still the best.
  2. Revisited the movie The Falcon and the Snowman. I always felt a feeling of warmth from the introduction of snippets of real life events during the opening. Towards the end of the film during the Interrogation, the images of the falcon flying has me thinking about the artwork from BOC. If anyone seen this 1985 film, perhaps one would get this thought as well.
  3. Negative mate. This is about real life events and for me I witnessed many similar violent actions as a teen living in the city. I like the doc based off the subject matter portrayed and not based off some video game or VR environment.
  4. Zoviet France's Vienna 1991 I have the 1st edition which is hand drawn artwork however, this attribute isn't the reason why I consider this album to be dear to my Ears and mindscape.
  5. Wearing my aluminum foil hat, I predict 2022 May 13th a new album, as well as two remixes from some artists no one heard of. Should be exceptionally profound. ** Yeah it works, on a golf course + inclement weather.
  6. If this appeases to anyone on here: The Killing of America 1981.
  7. Will take a look at that one. I always appreciated the independent docs on mental illness and other stigmatized subjects. I seen one from the 70's I believe called Madness and Medicine. quite graphic yet justified during those days.
  8. Current List besides having all GESCOM - Ae vinyls since 1993.
  9. Here are some docs that are not often seen but provide insight to the way many systems work still.
  10. Yes, and plenty of them as well as 1970's films. One comes to my mind as of recently - 1972 "The Other" You know the one with Uta Hagen. As for 80's I prefer the 70's movies thanks to my father. I think you should watch it if haven't already..
  11. Out of the Furnace 2013 – perhaps a sense of bromide towards this movie by the masses on here. It carries elements which strike a chord within me because of the acting. It became personal in an uneasy way some time ago. **Some insight if I may please… (movie induced) I do not have an older brother such with this movie. I am the only son who signed up for the military at 17 years old. I served six years 11-06-89 to 11-07-95. I was in the Panama invasion (82nd Abn) soon after this came the first Gulf war 08-17-90. Eventually leaving for the 173rd Abn in Italy until ETS. Coming home was different and cannot recollect myself having uncontrolled emotions. Maybe some Bitchcakes mode “attitude” however, nothing serious. eventually returning to a completely different world indifferent to mine. Some friends suffered from lacklustre because it is the path of least resistance i.e. 40oz + porch + illicit drugs = I’ll do it tomorrow. Later in my life there came a time when I felt uncertainty and anxiety starting to creep in. Ignoring this during college (Godsend = Addy’s) unfortunately this precipitated into me becoming indifferent and apathetic of others feelings or concerns. I became apprehensive to fall asleep due to the insidious - vivid nightmares, still ever-present. My Wife sleeps with my daughters because of the kicking she receives – fucking horrible. Staying with the movie subject - The movie has a precarious and physically explosive rage that once mirrored my character. In the city, is easy to find violence and it often became physical – there is no winning in this dance. And I had my ass kicked to the point of hospitalization with a ruptured spleen and three ribs broken to name a few. I once knew how this kid felt in the movie. It is almost sinister how this fight or flight can afflict more symptoms beyond oneself. It is unintended that I went off tangent. I am releasing some of the heat rounds off me by writing on the wrong website. You see, I been to the VA and it is just other fatigued TBI injured guys that gave no true support. (love them) but too depressing to relive certain aspects. Fast forward to 1998 medicated but semi -clear headed - University was not a walk in the park with frat party shit. Twelve years of internal drive and music (which I am serious about in healing) it paid off. So, in conclusion, the movie is a Hollywood ready-made scenario I suppose. I understand that, but this is what I am watching at 3:30am. Just thought I share my current mindset after watching this movie. Delete if you want if deemed off topic.
  12. Actually I have twin girls age 10.
  13. I just moved into the place so it is a default layout. They are have been tuned to a new location/ position by use of a microphone and a feedback software, the photo is prior to this occurrence. There are baffles mounted on the opposite side of the wall. Yes there would be mid frequency loss and non imaging from a centered space if I left it this way. To understand acoustic and their interaction is pure Physics and so being an actual Physicists myself, I take great pleasure in optimization of this system to characterize my hearing bandwidth. If this "gear topic " is not the appropriate place to post this I apologize for the inconvenience.
  14. Do not know - But Zoviet France Live in Austria is pretty damn good...
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