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  1. Mwah I don't know. I'm too lazy to look up specific tracks. I always find paradinas' melodies to be a bit cheesy, but I usually like them anyway
  2. Really like the beats on this thing so far. Not sure I'm sold on all the melody work yet, it sounds a bit cheesy. Then again, when has mu-ziq not sounded cheesy. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.
  3. Excited for this! Haven't listened to him in a minute
  4. What a goddamn album. From what I've seen its pretty decisive but imo this is the best follow up he could have given. I didn't want another damn or tpab, this is way more personal of an album
  5. This is going to be brilliant. He's the best in the game.
  6. Yeah but in buying it you are not supporting anyone other than the "artist" that put that art on the shirt.
  7. Redbubble is the worst goddamn site. The print quality is ass and all artwork relating existing brands and or artists are unofficial.
  8. Wouldn't you say the title track is like III's front though? Both focus on the beat programming with a melody getting introduced way into the track. They can't keep making iiis front copies so it's a nice change.
  9. Yeah it's pretty good! I do put value in good album covers but I can accept it this time
  10. Thanks for fucking me up for the day joyrex
  11. I can't believe this man, too soon
  12. What the fuck! This came out of nowhere. May she rest in peace
  13. Great news! I'm always up for some dopplereffekt. Don't like the stock image looking ass album cover though
  14. Yess, Lunatic Harness era is the best mu-ziq era
  15. What is the 'millennial thing's you're talking about. Maybe this is a hot take but I listen to gamble way more often than ae. His works are experimental as shit yet for some reason very accessible to put on, even if you only wanna listen to a couple tracks. So I get what you mean when you're saying this!
  16. This entire situation is god awful. Fuck Ellen
  17. Prefer Koch to this but after letting it grow on me for a bit I've come to the conclusion that this was yet again a triumph for gamble. Sucks that I found out who he was last year
  18. I'm sorry but he's acting like a piece of shit here. I don't like how Kanye is slandering and threatening Pete but the way he's treating ye while he is in a manic state is nog the right way to do it
  19. The batman. They knocked it out of the park in my opinion. Great gritty detective movie.
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