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  1. Never listened to it before, will check out!
  2. Need to check this out. Not the biggest lorn fan but I always check out his stuff
  3. Haven't listened to him in ages!
  4. lets go lol i wonder how long the are going to keep this up
  5. Just like that Jockstrap signing this sucks ass
  6. Oof PoV is better than Trademark Ribbons imo Both are amazing though
  7. "Finally done. It's been a weird one." Also from his twitter
  8. It's prob going to release near the end of the year Or summer if this virus shit clears up
  9. My grandmother just got diagnosed with coronavirus.... She lives in Switzerland
  10. Different people different tastes I guess I haven't been able to get into a four tet record at all over the past 8 years but for some reason this sounds like a breath of fresh air to me
  11. Last post here I promise lol its only 1 dollar on bandcamp now Favorite track
  12. im p sure either this or quaristice is the most underrated ae project this still sounds beautiful to my ears
  13. I personally started doing shit like marijuana for the first time a couple of weeks ago. its a bit overhyped imo
  14. This is actually really catching my ears well! He finally stopped making advert music
  15. Early aoty contender f me Didn't know four tet still had it in him
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