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  1. Came back to say that this is opn's best work
  2. I just don't understand why he doesn't release a single before opening up the pre-orders NVM he released the first track
  3. thumbass

    New Album?

    its imminent guys
  4. What, because he lost wait he has gone mainstream? Lol the guy looks happy, let him do whatever he wants.
  5. Hell prob go back to the idms under his oneohtrix moniker though Just a detour
  6. https://alphabasic.myshopify.com/ pre-orders up
  7. I just found out that if you reverse the tracklisting of the album, the songs will play in a different order.
  8. very nice! I need to check this out, SOMEHOW I missed this
  9. You're not wrong and I see no reason to lie about it I prefer Hiddema over Baudet though
  10. I know my friend, but I follow American politics closely.
  11. I'm not just talking about the sjw crazies. I know there are a lot of normal left wing people and I respect them. I just don't find myself in agreement with left wing ideas and policies.
  12. It's more about what I dislike about the Democratic candidates and left wing politics
  13. it is a possible decision and I understand you hope Trump voters will go that way. But they won't and he will win. Biden nor Sanders stand a chance against him.
  14. i understand your points on china, but i was talking about the US in particular. but that wasnt really clear
  15. i hope you're joking lol. of course this is never actually going to come to pass
  16. I understand that you'd rather see someone who is going to vote for someone you are not a fan of stay home instead but it's not how it works🤷🏽‍♂️
  17. FYI pre-orders open on March 20th (https://ghostbox.co.uk/news/puzzlewood-plone-comingsoon/)
  18. Just promoting free speech, people have the right to vote for whoever they like, even if you don't like that person they will be voting for. Sorry lad
  19. vote for whoever you like, even if it's trump
  20. Never listened to a Ghostbox release before, so this isn't a problem for me :)
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