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  1. what are some tracks you think have the all time best break work on em? afx - s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix), 54 cymru beats (argonaut mix), taking control, squarepusher - the modern bass guitar, my red hot car, do you know squarepusher, remarc - 201 spring to mind for me
  2. watched human traffic (1999) recently and thoroughly enjoyed it "i've got the tarzan and jane of jungle mate"
  3. please let it be the finished version of 'reconstruction'...
  4. the behringer neutron is a pretty user friendly little machine capable of doing a lot of complex stuff. i was a little wary based on their bad reputation but was pleasntly surprised, sounds pretty damn PHAT. works great with my moog grandmother as a little semi-modular funzone.
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